Libra Horoscope

Jul 15, 2020… You may need to fine-tune your best multitasking skills today. Libras could have a lot to accomplish today and unexpected delays are likely to appear. With this in mind, don’t let bumps in the road slow you down. Just make sure you’re ready to be productive in other areas until everyone and everything else catches up. Tap into that Libra ability to make things run smoothly and you will be able to knock this day out of the park. You can do it!

Today’s Soul Advice: We work to support ourselves, but sometimes we work so much that we feel too tired to enjoy our lives. Rest when you need, but do remember to live your life. Have fun, follow your passions, and be a little spontaneous from time to time. When you find work that reflects your mission and passions for life, you might just find that it brings you more success and more time for yourself, too.