10 Things That Every Leo Loves

3 Things That Every Leo Loves
3 Things That Every Leo Loves

Leos are fiery, exuberant types with a lot of positivity to share. They are natural leaders that have a true lust for life and love to make the most of it. These bright and charismatic lions are true fire signs, and attack challenges with energy. Here are 10 things sure to make any Leo radiate positive energy.

Leos Love To Spoil Others

Leos want to enjoy every bit of life they can, but they are not selfish in the least. This star sign wants those they love to be just as happy, fulfilled, and full of life. Leos love to spoil those they care about. They are generous with their time, wisdom, money, opportunity, and anything else they can possibly offer. Leos not only love to take all that they can out of life but are just as happy to give as much as they can, sometimes even too much!

In relationships, Leo will want to shower their beloved with gifts, attention, and affection. Can this be overwhelming? Yes! Do they mean well? Also yes! Let Leo spoil you, and it will help them feel loved while they show love, too. It’s a win-win if you let them be as generous as they want to be.

If it gets to be a little much, be sure to communicate your love language and help them see the areas where you’ll appreciate that extra bit of generosity more than others. Leo is eager to please, which can make them great friends, partners, or lovers to have around.

Leos Love Being Spontaneous

It’s no secret that of all the 12 Zodiac signs, Leos are among the most attracted to danger. Nothing excites them more than thrills and seemingly impossible odds. They are true adrenaline junkies and are known for loving things like gambling. When a Leo’s around, there’s never a dull moment!

However, despite their risk-taking nature, Leos are intelligent and rarely lose sight of what’s truly important. This celestial sign puts the happiness of those they care about first. There’s no one better to have an adventure with than a Leo.

Leos won’t thrive in dull, staid environments. They’ll look to shake things up if they find themselves in a humdrum routine. This can make them exciting bosses or colleagues, and it can even help make a garden-variety night out with friends become an adventure to remember.

Leos Love To Be Flattered

Flattery is the true Achilles heel of most Leos. They are confident types who love when their own skills or worth are praised. They eat up compliments and live for knowing that others appreciate them. In many situations, the quickest way to derail an argument with a Leo is to throw out a well-placed compliment or two. These roaring lions can turn into purring kittens in the face of genuine praise.

Even though Leo loves flattery, it does need to be genuine. Sucking up to them to get in their good graces will only get you so far if they catch on to a lack of sincerity. Don’t forget that these fierce Lions also have big hearts.

The truth is that Leos care about how they look but also care about how they act. They spend a lot of time making themselves look good and spoiling people in their lives, so they really feel the least other people can do is let them know that their hard work and attention is appreciated. They don’t need a parade – although they wouldn’t turn it down. They just need to feel the love.

Leos Love Being the Center of Attention

Are you shocked that flattery-loving Leo longs to be the center of attention? Leos thrive on being the center of any social group, and you might just find them telling stories, laughing, and maybe even exaggerating here or there. They love it if they can make you laugh, and they will bask in the warm glow of a crowd’s attention.

They don’t mind being in the spotlight. At work, they are quick to take credit for their achievements. While they can be a great team player, they still like their accomplishments to be individually appreciated. In relationships, they can often take the alpha role and expect their plus-one to let them lead. They don’t necessarily expect the world to revolve around them because of a big ego. They just lap up the attention, and their natural magnetism usually guarantees they’ll have it.

Leos Love Being Romantic

Leos adore all things romance! Rom-coms, meet-cutes, and love stories could put a smile on their faces and hearts in their eyes. They’re known for grand gestures, particularly of the romantic variety. They may even remember the kind of anniversaries other people forget and remind you of it to show they’re paying attention.

To Leos, the bigger the better when it comes to romance. That doesn’t mean they’ll hire a string quartet to serenade you or sky write their love across the skies … but they might. If you find this overwhelming, know that Leo also makes smaller, more thoughtful gestures. If they love you, they’ll let you know in no uncertain terms, and if they get a little dramatic with it … well, that’s Leo for you! “Go big or go home” might as well be their slogan.

You can even turn the tables and show Leos a little romance. While they prefer to take the lead, they will feel loved and flattered if you shower them with a romantic gesture or two. It could just mean the world to them to know that you made the effort.

Their secret is that under all that bravery and charm lies a soft, squishy center. They love love, and they don’t do anything in half measures. Be sure Leo will bring big romance into your life if you let them and leave every other star sign setting new relationship goals.

Leos Loving Giving Advice

Leo is famous – or is it infamous? – for giving unsolicited advice. They just love to impart their wisdom, and they don’t necessarily care if it’s too a willing audience. They just want to make sure that the lessons they’ve learned are dutifully imparted.

Let’s be honest. Everyone hates unsolicited advice, right? Here’s a little life hack for Leo. Go to them when you need advice, and they might just get their fix and not feel the need to hunt you down to air their opinion of what you should do with your life. They mean well, and they actually give pretty great advice.

The good news is that they thrive in leadership positions where they can train and mentor others. It might come across as overbearing at times and may even tend toward micromanaging, but it can also be an incredible help when it comes to the tips and tricks of getting ahead in a career. They’ll happily help people climb the ladder right along with them, but they’re going to give a lot of pro tips while they’re doing it. Embrace your own wisdom by learning from what you need and ignoring what you don’t.

Leos Love Being Heroic

Leo loves being generous and getting attention. Why wouldn’t they want to play the hero? Actually, that sounds callous, and Leo’s anything but that. They usually choose to champion the underdog because they have a keen sense of right and wrong. They’ve got courage to spare, and they’ll use any power they have to stand up for others.

You might see Leos on the frontlines of justice, speaking out about wrongs that have been done. You could also see them cheering for the sports team no one thinks will win. Leo’s got a lot of heart, and they just want to see people succeed- especially when the odds are against them. This is what makes Leo a true hero.

Leos are really lovers rather than fighters, but they despise bullies. They’ll be quick to put them in their place if needed – whether it’s online or in person. They recognize that true strength isn’t abusing power and exerting it over others but in helping others thrive. Smiting bullies is one of many Leo passions you’ll be sure to notice if you befriend one. They take no joy in seeing someone else brought low. In fact, they’re sure to swoop in and help elevate them and put every bully in their place in the process.

Leos Love To Lead

Here’s something you should know about Leo: they love being the leader. If you dance with them, they’re probably going to lead. If you work with them, they want to be the boss of you (and everyone else). In relationships, there may just be power struggles if they can’t be the boss of everything.

This is making Leos sound bad, and that wouldn’t be right, so let’s be clear. Leos are all about justice and even equality, and they can partner well with someone equally strong as long as there’s a balance in power. They just don’t like to feel powerless, and they’ll be unlikely to be happy in a relationship that takes their power from them without any sense of equity. They aren’t power-mad. They just have vision and want to be in charge of leading everyone toward it.

Leos make fantastic leaders because they don’t shy away from the hard things. They also know how to delegate and how to inspire a team. Their love of attention can help them take center stage and lead meetings without a problem, and their natural charm is great for helping them schmooze went they need to network. Who wouldn’t want Leo as their leader?

Leos Love Innovation

Did you know that creative and passionate Leos love innovation? They really do. It’s not just the newest smartphone or the next trend in social media. They love being on the cutting edge of life – from being in the know on high fashion to the next humanitarian crisis we need to focus on. But more than that, they love to be the ones setting the trends and leading the innovation.

You already know that they’re natural leaders, but their mega creativity comes into play when it comes to seeing the potential in projects. Leos are problem-solvers, and they love change and spontaneity. They look at life and wonder how to make it better and get it to come up to their standards.

No one will be a bit surprised if it’s a Leo that cures cancer, solves global warming, or even sets the next major fashion trend. Their passion spills into every corner of their lives, and they’re sure to find ways to make bold, innovative changes.

Leos Inspire Us All

At the end of the day, Leos inspire us all. It’s not just their charm and charisma. It’s their bravery, generosity, and willingness to be the change. While they can occasionally come across as a little vain and self-absorbed, they’ve got big hearts and big courage to go along with them. They’re out in the world living their best lives, and it can’t help but make us want to live a little better, too.

Leos are willing to set the standard. Of all the zodiac signs, they can be one of the fiercest signs, but don’t think for a moment that they don’t have a soft, gooey center. They make fierce friends, brave leaders, and generous lovers, and they make the world a better place for being in it.

Leos love life in a big way. If you know and love one, you can thank your lucky stars you have them in your life. Just don’t take them for granted. That’s like poking a bear in its cage – or, in this case, a Lion.

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