How Helping Gives You a Happier Vibe

How Helping Gives You a Happier Vibe
How Helping Gives You a Happier Vibe

You may have noticed by now that our horoscopes always point out when the energy is right to help someone near to you. We give you a head’s up when your vibe is aligned with helping because it has the potential to increase your happiness. That’s right; giving of yourself is part of the recipe for living a happier, healthier life.

The Spirit of Giving

Now, not all giving brings happiness. If you are feeling pressured, obligated or burdened, giving can make you feel stressed out or upset. If you give for no other reason than to ease guilt, that can also bring you down. Therefore, the spirit in which you give absolutely matters. The truth is, just as giving for the wrong reasons can feel uncomfortable, helping because you want to is actually essential to promoting your own health and happiness.

Scientifically speaking, studies on the brain prove that passionately helping others will light up the reward centers of the brain and release those pleasure neurotransmitters. Spending even 30 seconds a day helping someone out can help you live happier every day. In fact, giving a few moments of your time with the smallest gestures raises your vibe and your happiness level exponentially. Some basic ideas for helping may include:

  • Hold the door for someone walking with a cane or a gaggle of kids
  • Offer to help someone carry things they might be struggling with
  • Listen — really listen — to someone who needs it
  • Offering skills you have to solve a problem someone is facing
  • Giving a gift that has personal meaning. It IS the thought that counts.

The Personal Benefit

Who knew that something so simple as reaching out and lending a hand could have such a profound effect on how you can feel — body, mind and soul? Yet, such simple gestures can change the way we experience the world and influence the brain to be more content, not to mention help your body to be healthier, too. Studies have shown that people report feeling healthier when they invest their time volunteering. Additionally, volunteers report lower stress as a result of helping others, too.
Daily doses of happiness can raise your vibe and get you closer to your intentions. Choosing to boost your mood through the little things you do every day brings you closer to the successful life meant just for you.

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