Avoiding Negative People

Avoiding Negative People
Avoiding Negative People

There’s this trend going around that you should remove “negative” people from your life. They will bring you down and you just don’t need that in your life.

You absolutely do not need to put up with gaslighting, manipulation, bullying, or any type of physical or mental abuse. If you’re in danger, getting help and getting away is a priority and you must take care of yourself.

Those Aren’t The People I’m Talking About.

Many people who have been tagged or described as negative in those “5 Reasons to Avoid Negative People” blogs are those who might have depression or anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain or illness, have been through or are going through grief or trauma…

You know — normal, everyday people in your life who may have “changed,” may be focusing on the darker sides of themselves or life, and might be “bringing you down.”

Loving Is The Answer

You can maintain a healthy relationship and make a difference in their lives by loving them even more. Often, part of the problem is that when some people face adversity and get really, really down, loved ones and friends leave or lose patience, which ultimately compounds the problem. Sometimes people even feel validated for walking away because of this acceptance for walking away from people who bring down your vibe. There’s a saying about how real friends are the ones who stay when the rest of the world walks out, and you get to choose to be that friend.

If you can pull the inner abundant strength in your soul, not only can you keep your own vibe high, but you may just inspire them to reach for a higher vibe, too. Want to change a life? Only you have the power to shine your light in your own special way.