Even Einstein Thought This Science Was Too “Spooky” to Believe

Even Einstein Thought This Science Was Too “Spooky” to Believe
Even Einstein Thought This Science Was Too “Spooky” to Believe

Recently, yet another research project has shed light on a mystery of reality that even stumped Albert Einstein — called quantum entanglement. On Feb. 7, 2017, a paper was published on this fascinating subject that Einstein called, “Spooky action at a distance,” that might just change the way we look at quantum mechanics and the way our Universe works.

Quantum Entanglement is a Little Spooky

While Einstein was able to give us equations regarding the physical properties of the Universe, he felt that there was something missing from the emerging science of quantum mechanics and rejected the theories that subatomic particles, such as the entangled photons being studied by physicists today, could communicate somehow at far distances at a speed greater than light.

Simply explained, photons become entangled — like twins — when they are created at the same time from the same source. Despite the fact that they may end up miles, or even light years apart, they behave as if they are communicating when measured. Let’s pretend for a moment that they are like a coin flip. If I measure photon one and it is heads up, I know that if you measure photon two that it will be tails.

The spookiest thing is that they aren’t either heads nor tails until they are measured. This is part of what freaked Einstein out and he felt there had to be a physical, reasonable explanation. He indicated that they had to have been created as heads or tails to explain this logically, but they just aren’t. Just to drive this point home: they do not have an exact physical measurement until a scientist observes and measures them. It is a little more complicated than just saying that if I measure photon one that your photon will “become” the other, too, as this correlation or communication seems to exist outside of spacetime.

Removing Bias from the Experiment

Critical thinkers observed that it was possible that previous experiments had bias. In previous studies, scientists would create their own entangled photons, and then observe and measure them in different locations. Therefore, some would argue that it was possible that the experiments themselves caused it to seem like entanglement was a real thing. So, this most recent paper blew that entire argument out of the water.

This time, scientists studied entangled photons created by a star over 600 years ago. The were naturally created, and couldn’t have been subconsciously manipulated by the researchers. Still, they behaved in the way that the lab-created photos have in the past, seeming to have some sort of simultaneous communication, even though they were created centuries before an experiment like this was ever thought of. There is no discernible force or external signal being sent between the particles that accounts for a traditional communication. This synchronicity defies the laws of the known physical Universe.

No wonder Einstein thought it was spooky! But, it may not be happening as action at a distance as he originally supposed. Things like time and distance may simply be a perception of ours, not something that actually exists at all on the sub-atomic level. Classical physicists now have fewer holes to point out in the validity of quantum mechanics. Quantum entanglement clearly is a very real thing. The only questions left to be answered are the hows and whys… which, if answered, will open an entire can of new ideas about the truth behind what reality truly is.

How this Applies to Your Spirit

Our Universe works quite differently to what our senses and perception of time will allow us to understand. The speed of light “speed limit” imposed on us through traditional physical science may only be an illusion. Sub-atomic particles are not limited by physical laws and are able to achieve synchronicity without some force or wave or the constricts of time.
For example, Astrology is not some force or gravitational wave making you do things; it is a simple sub-atomic synchronicity that doesn’t rely on the physical limits of time or space. Your personal vibe and ability to draw things to you could very well have a similar mechanism. You do not need to be a physicist to understand these principles, and you certainly do not have to choose between embracing science or spirituality. These things aren’t mutually exclusive. The more we learn, the more we understand that there are far more reasons to embrace a positive, spiritual life.


  1. I couldn’t help think of a sperm that moves toward the egg without actually knowing why yet …doing it anyway,it finds and merges with the egg and together , create life. Both having the potential to create life, yet unless the connection is made the potential is lost. Within each other they are everything life is ,was,and will be..without each other, the potential to create everything that is life, is lost, becoming nothing, in the end. I suppose it is this same concept that moves the sperm toward the egg to connect with each other to create life in that,what is unknown remains unknown but has the potential of being what is known when it is found. Does that make sense to you?

  2. Humans are a mystery.life a mystery. Theres a very thin line between our wourld and the next only premitive minds would think such .may only be time warp bent over lapping other realms such as heaven .the layer is getting thiner. Almost translucent. We walk beside other beins and they us and only a few see.like how our scientists miss calculated the seasons say four what about eight .how about the fact that unlimited power can be accessed in the air not wind but pure power radio waves murder cancers killing our children robbing people of knowledge zombies stuck in devices distracted from reality believing magic tricks of allusion. We are alive the worlds alive the universe it breathes it cries it feels the same as us no big scientific study plants thrive when u sing animals love and feel were mere specs in the all of things sit listen feel the universe learn let it teach you dont rape it

  3. Abbott and Costello aren’t around anymore. That’s no joke. Inter-Dimensional travel to anywhere in the 10 dimensional Universe can be accomplished within 3 seconds through other Dimensions we perceive as Dark Matter where matter is not solid and all time is constant. Ask a Gray Being for the equation and technology. Binary Star (neutron/photon effect) drive will get you there.

  4. I don’t have a deep look,means to perform about Photons belong and not belong to ‘producer’,so ‘gone’ by the other reason:Attracting by the other phenomenon on action or just like before it was form.If count on ‘attracting Force’ then how that Force were created and reason related.Or we never get to nowhere,just what we see,and the lost of other is out of our suggesting or like a soft Bubble,when string were created then somehow no nee to blow Air,they form a bubble again.I think the main thing is on how ‘those’ any planet,or int he case we talking:the original of creating then transfer to what or which we don’t know.I am just take time to say,but my have to have most ‘Trail’ created from people have something related then continuing to walk.If fell,everything gone,the same the other:we don’t know.

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