Your Toughest Manifestation Questions Answered

Your Toughest Manifestation Questions Answered
Your Toughest Manifestation Questions Answered

Manifestation is sometimes called the Law of Attraction, New Thought, The Secret and a few other names as well. The very basic idea behind manifestation is using positive thinking and visualization to draw the things into your life that you desire. It is based in science, the theory of quantum consciousness, mindfulness and aligning your energy and vibration with the things you want or need.

Like all approaches to life — from psychotherapy to prayer — there are both supporters and detractors to the miracle of manifestation. There are different views on how it works in practice, and even a few schools of thought on how much it impacts your happiness, wealth and especially health.

We at SoulVibe welcome thoughtful discussion. We also take a practical, scientific approach to spirituality, combining common sense and age-old wisdom with the reality that we are all amazing souls with untapped energy. Our approach to manifestation isn’t any different.

Will The Law of Attraction Make You Happier?

Manifestation begins with happiness first and then multiplies it. So, making the daily choice to remain positive and feeling as if you already have all the things you desire are major components to making it work for you. Realistically, it can be hard to get started at first. The human brain puts a great deal of emphasis on negative patterns and thoughts as a defense mechanism. Biological processes such as chronic anxiety, hormone fluctuations, or any other day-to-day challenges can certainly pose a challenge. Yet, studies have shown that people who were happy before reaching their goals are more likely to than those who feel like they won’t be happy until the next success. Happiness is something you choose to practice, even if you aren’t a natural optimist.

The human brain can be rewired and trained to be happier. The science of neuroplasticity shows us that a brain can change and learn, and by exposing it to positivity daily can actually make us more optimistic, even if we have to fake it ’til we make it.

What’s the Deal with The Manifestation and Health Controversy?

We’re certainly not going to ignore that some feel that the theories behind the physical body and manifestation are rooted in victim-blaming and ableism. This could be due to the fact that some on the far fringe have blamed thoughts or fear of cancer to actually getting cancer, advocate to reject medical intervention, and infer that the cure for cancer is simply found through refusing to accept or think about cancer. It simply doesn’t work that way, and we’d never advocate for you to ignore health challenges or not take care of yourself. Biologically, in this physical existence each body dies. Realistically, diseases happen, even to children who haven’t even learned to program themselves into negative thought patterns or even know that cancer exists.

Manifestation is not the Theory of Everything. It does not answer every question of life or explain totality of the Universe. The concept of Yin and Yang teaches us that you cannot have the light without the dark. Positive living and using the Law of Attraction can absolutely see you through life’s natural setbacks and challenges to better results, but it isn’t going to eliminate every challenge or crisis. It can, however, help you live a happier, more abundant, and, yes, healthier life.

Studies on optimism and disease and illness from respected sources such as Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and peer reviewed journals show conclusively that people who choose to be optimistic tend live longer — even with a serious disease — than those who are pessimistic. Studies have shown that natural optimism does everything from ward off the common cold to extend the lives of people with terminal cancer. It can raise your pain tolerance, lower your blood pressure, and lead to a longer life. However, if you do become ill, neither you nor your thoughts are to blame. Simply understand that a positive outlook and a feeling of peace and contentment can make it easier for you to cope — or even survive.

Is Happiness for Smart People?

Thinking people: pragmatists, skeptics, cynics, and similar personalities are often under the assumption that happiness is for fools. Realists tend to be conditioned to reject optimism as something that doesn’t ring true in the real world. Yet, high intelligence and optimism don’t need to be mutually exclusive. The difference between a pragmatic optimist and a pragmatic pessimist is that while both look at and accept the cold hard facts, the optimist doesn’t allow it to bring them down. Optimists aren’t happy because they are naive, they are simply at peace with life and its challenges.

Manifestation and attraction are for everyone. The more you implement it into your life, the more you realize just how powerful intentions and thought can be. Simply by participating in SoulVibe, you’re becoming more positive and raising your personal vibration to make it easier to begin drawing the things into your life that you desire.