Are YOU Hung Up On Self-Improvement?

Can we talk about self-improvement? You are not actually a DIY project, but a capitalist society will definitely push the narrative that if you just buy one more thing or change one more thing, you’ll be worthy of the love and life you’re seeking.

The truth is that you are worthy already. Your worthiness is intrinsic. You don’t have to earn it.

In the video about that we found for you online, you’ll learn about the dark side of a growth mindset with Youtubber Lynette Adkins. Watch out for these pitfalls. Remember that you are worthy of love, belonging, and acceptance without having to do a single thing.

Why is this so important?

You attract true abundance into your life when you stop chasing improvement and start being present in the moment. You’re allowed to rest and to enjoy the progress you’ve already made. You don’t have to constantly move the goal posts and chase the next achievement. You are enough already.

It’s a novel concept, isn’t it? You don’t have to do anything at all. You just have to be–and enjoy being. You can be present and grateful, and you don’t have to keep hustling for it.

It might be harder than you think.

You might have to resist the urge to be “more productive” or “more spiritual”. You’ll have to resist inner and outer pressure to do more with your time. Being is doing. And sometimes, it’s all you need.

Society might constantly giving you tips to look better, feel better, and be better, but none of that is necessary to love and accept yourself. You’re already worthy of love. You’re already enough. Having a growth mindset is admirable, but don’t get so busy growing that you fail to appreciate your natural, intrinsic beauty and the growth you’ve done already.

YOU are deserving of good things

Once you recognize that you are deserving of good things, you’ll naturally attract them. You’ll bring in the abundance that you’re seeking. It doesn’t come from constantly striving but in appreciating and learning to enjoy your time.

Could it really be that simple? Why don’t you give it a try? For a single day, don’t be on a journey of self-improvement. Just enjoy existing. Be grateful. Accept who you are right now, as-is. Embrace the life you’re living. How does it feel? You don’t have to level up or glow up today. You just have to be. It’s enough.

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