Little Acts of Kindness to Make the Sun Shine a Bit Brighter

Little Acts of Kindness to Make the Sun Shine a Bit Brighter
Little Acts of Kindness to Make the Sun Shine a Bit Brighter

We all have those moments where we wish someone would help us out — a little hope for a knight in shining armour. Well, you can be someone’s hero without having to pick up a sword and battle a dragon. A small act of kindness can go a long way in brightening another’s day. You’ll make them feel better, and you’ll feel pretty good about yourself.

Acts of kindness don’t have to be grandiose; they don’t even have to cost money. The only cost is a little bit of your time, and the reward is far greater. If you see someone who could use a helping hand, go ahead and lend yours. If someone falls, offer to help them back up and make sure they’re okay. If it’s pouring rain, share your umbrella. Craft cards of appreciation for the people in your life who you treasure. It’s the little acts that show you care and make the sun shine a little brighter for those around you.

The Public Fall

We’ve all seen someone fall in public. Some people laugh, some people stop and stare, and others stroll on by without a second glance. Don’t be those people. Be the person who checks on the fallen and ask, “Are you okay?”

It’s super embarrassing to trip in front of others, but it’s a relief when an ally appears with a caring heart. If they’ve dropped their things, ask if you can help pick them up. Helping only takes a moment. A little act like this can make a bad day turn into an okay day, maybe even a good day.

Raining Cats and Dogs

When it’s pouring down rain, not everyone is lucky enough to have an umbrella. People duck inside, use briefcases as umbrellas, or end up getting soaked to the bone. Be kind, offer to share your umbrella with someone (yes, even if you’re in a hurry to get some place). If you’re feeling really generous, you may even give up your umbrella for a cat. The fuzzy ones need love, too! Maybe the next time you’re caught in a downpour without an umbrella, a knight will come to your rescue and share an umbrella, too.

Appreciation Notes

Notes of appreciation to those who make you happy can strengthen your relationship and make your loved ones feel, well, appreciated. Send a little note to someone thanking them for being a positive part of your life. It’ll be a nice surprise, especially since we often don’t realize how much we mean to another person unless something is said. Your bond with them will grow stronger, and you’ll both feel great.

The note can be handwritten on a piece of paper, but in the age of technology you could also send a text, an email, or an instant message on social media. Don’t feel like you have to write an epic poem or a Harry Potter novel — though you certainly can if you’d like! A short, simple message like “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for being part of my life” or “I’m glad you exist” can cover the basics. Long or short, let your loved ones know how much you treasure them with a note of appreciation.

Small acts of kindness make the world a better place. While it’s easy to not help someone or forget to tell someone how much they mean to you, it’s better to take the time to be kind and take action. You’ll make someone’s day, and you’ll feel good too. The sun will truly seem to shine a little brighter.