11 Signs Your Third Eye is Opening (and What This Means)

If you’ve ever heard someone mention the third eye opening, you might be a little confused. What is a third eye, and what does it even mean? The third eye refers to the seventh chakra, and it’s located between your eyes in the middle of your forehead. It’s seen as the connection between the spiritual and the physical.

Youtubber SlightlyBetter has a few tips and tricks for understanding this chakra better, and what you may feel or notice when it is opening.

Your Third Eye

Don’t worry. You won’t actually grow an eyeball in the center of your head. It’s just a reference point for growth and spiritual awakening. Meditation is one way that people open this chakra and develop it. Crystals, essential oils, dietary changes, and chanting are other ways of helping the third eye open.

Would you recognize the signs that your third eye is opening?

Let’s take a look. You may find a change to how you experience:

  • awareness
  • perception
  • sensitivity to light and sound
  • clear and vivid dreams
  • synchronicities

There are more points in the video above as well. For example, seeing things more clearly, finding truth in little things, or even feeling a greater sense of unity with the world and universe around you. No matter how you feel about chakras or other ancient philosophies and energy work, if you can reach a point of feeling more connected to to everything, that is an amazing feeling.

Did any of these signs ring a bell for you? These are positive signs that you’re achieving a higher level of spiritual insight and connectedness with the world around you. Isn’t that lovely? 

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