Which Stage of Spiritual Awakening Are YOU In?

Have you been on a journey of personal growth or spiritual awakening? Do you feel like you’re just getting started or stuck somewhere in the muck of the upheaval that comes with change? You might be wondering how you’ll ever get to the place you want to be when you keep experiencing loss, painful realizations, and dramatic life events.

Or maybe your spiritual journey has been a happy hop, skip, and jump to each spiritual stage. You might feel like you’re on top of the world and wonder what you’re supposed to do next to keep feeding your soul on this journey.

Whether you’re on the mountaintop of a successful spiritual journey or feel like you’re hanging off a precipice, it’s important to understand that the journey isn’t always linear. There are six stages of spiritual awakening. In the following video that we found for you online, you’ll learn the 6 life-changing stages of spiritual awakening, 3 actionable tips to help you get through each stage, and one technique you can use to see the big picture of your spiritual journey.

Youtubber Christina Lopes describes these stages to include the Awakening/Chaos, Bliss, Dark Night of the Soul, Void, Groundedness, and Purpose. You might like to skip all the stages and head directly to Bliss, but growth doesn’t happen like that. In fact, skipping stages is one of the reasons you may find yourself right back at the beginning of your spiritual journey starting all over.

Don’t worry. Wherever you are is where you’re meant to be. Continue to grow through what you go through, and you’ll rise to meet your purpose in due time.

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