Taurus Horoscope

May 20, 2024… You will have to choose your words carefully today. Watch for changes on the homefront and when you have the urge to blurt something out, listen instead. Lending an ear, even if it’s to a rant, can help you see all sides of the issue so that you can better understand what’s really going on. Your loving heart is a Taurus superpower, and using it can make for a marvelous Monday.

Today’s Soul Advice: Life is filled with shades of gray. It’s not like mathematics where there’s often only one way to solve the problem. When you’re conflicted between two or more choices, each choice will probably have its own pesky set of pros and cons. Don’t be afraid to take the time to consider them before making a final decision. A little caution and planning can be a good thing when the stakes are high.


How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed

How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed

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