Capricorn Horoscope

Feb 5, 2023… Capricorns could feel drawn to a new adventure today. Are you jumping in on some spur of the moment plans? If you feel the draw to begin a new chapter in your life or to just take off for the day, you may not be able to ignore the urge. You work hard, but you play hard, too. It’s all about newness, first times, and fresh experiences today. Do you hear it calling? Get out there if you can and taste something different. It will refresh your spirit.

Today’s Soul Advice: Delicate does not mean weak. Kind does not mean naïve. Generous does not mean pushover. You are allowed to be a pure, wholesome person. Don’t worry bout the negativity cast out by those who are jealous or filled with darkness. They just want to bring you down with them. Be the example they can aspire to. Being good in this world makes it a better place, period.


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