Leo Horoscope

Aug 5, 2021… Leos could meet up with some endings today. Depending on how you look at it, endings can bring up a lot of messy feelings, but they also bring new beginnings. So, whether this completion of a phase in your life makes you want to throw a party or places you in a trying position for a while, remember that it opens up space in your life for the next phase. Allowing new doors to open could bring even more exciting opportunities into your life.

Today’s Soul Advice: Are You Ready? You’ve probably heard the saying “Life is a marathon not a sprint.” That’s some kind of BS, actually! Life is absolutely a series of sprints and you better be ready for them. How do you get ready? Train and recover. That’s right. As humans, we were made to sprint beyond our preconceived limits, get stronger, experience brief pain, rest, recover, grow stronger mentally and physically. There’s no pill for it. You are just that awesome.


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3 Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Failure

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