Virgo Horoscope

Oct 29, 2021… Virgos could use their experience to take control and lead today. This may be the perfect vibe to demonstrate your abilities. Take a chance and show that you can do this. Just remember, if you have to hand out tasks or delegate, don’t hover or micro-manage (people hate that!). When you can make each person feel just as important as anyone else, you know you’re really tapping into your leadership abilities.

Today’s Soul Advice: Love is like fine crystal. It’s delicate. A tiny chip is able to grow into a devastating crack OR it can add character — all depending on how you care for it. It’s also transparent, brilliant, reflective, and complementary. As long as you care for it, it will shine and endure. Keep it maintained and polished — don’t forget to enjoy its beauty and drink from it daily.


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