One Meditation for Self-Love and World Peace

The world is rarely peaceful. Even in your own life, you can have stressors and struggles. You may have a deep desire to cultivate gratitude, be kind to other people, and to lead a spiritual life as a good person — but that still won’t stop you from getting stuck in traffic or encountering any other frustrations on your path.

This one meditation that we found for you online is multi-purpose. It’s great for cultivating self-love in a self-care practice, but it works just as well for sending out love to our friends and forgiveness to our enemies. It doesn’t take long to do, and it’s easy to do every day. You can do it while washing dishes, sitting in traffic, or even while making your morning tea, coffee, or smoothie before you rush out the door. You can even direct it toward peace in the world.

That’s pretty powerful for one little meditation! Give it a try. You could find that it helps you feel loved and grounded, but it can also help you work toward any negative feelings you might have toward others. The chaos of the world can leave you feeling powerless, but the energy you put into the world is your power. Tap into it, and then do your part to be the change and bring the peace. Once you start creating ripples, you never know how far that can go.

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