How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed

How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed
How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed

Do not mistake depression with feelings of sadness. They are vastly different. Depression is a mood disorder that causes prolonged feelings of sadness and apathy for life in general. While sadness is a side effect of depression, sadness doesn’t imply depression in the least bit. In other words, sadness is an emotion that everyone experiences from time to time while depression is a disorder that can last a lifetime.

While it may seem contradictory, it is entirely possible to be happy while you are experiencing symptoms of depression.

If you are looking for tips to help lift your mood while you’re battling depression, keep reading:

Eat More Real Food

Eating real food is another way to get your happy back. Eating quick burning carbs, starchy food (bread & pasta), processed food, and refined sugars (soda) puts your mood on a yo-yo of constant cravings leading to inconsistent moods.

Schedule More Happy Stuff

Schedule things that make you happy on the regular basis. For instance, if you like to sing, take a weekly trip to your local karaoke bar, if you like to stay in the house, take a day to yourself each week in which you do not leave the house at all. No matter what it is, if it makes you happy, put it on the calendar and make time to do it. Your mood will begin to improve soon as more happy stuff is on your schedule.

Listen to The Right Music

Music is proven to improve moods, relieve stress, as well as an array of other positive benefits. Try playing a happy song, or a sad song, or angry song, or any type of song that helps you to channel your emotions. Listen to these songs as long as it takes for you to feel the negative feelings being released from your body and move on to another activity to give yourself a moment to adjust. Overtime, you will likely have specific songs that make you feel better almost instantaneously.

..learning to be happy while you’re depressed may be challenging, but it’s worthwhile.

Practice Meditation

While it may sound overly simple, meditation is a great way to be happier while experiencing the symptoms of depression. Meditation practices ease negative thoughts about the past and future replacing them with techniques to get back to the present moment which provides immediate relief.

Overall, learning to be happy while you’re depressed may be challenging, but it’s worthwhile. You can learn to find healthy ways to channel your emotions when you are feeling especially low, allow yourself some time to healthily unwind, and commit to participating in activities that bring you joy on the consistent basis, you will find that even in the midst of one of your worst instances of depression, you still have movements in which you smile and remember life isn’t so bad after all.



  1. I have struggled with depression 4 years for the last month or two it’s been so severe that I’ve completely withdrawn I even missed my granddaughters first birthday party I just couldn’t do it I keep trying to go forward and pull myself out of it but nobody understands and it seems like nobody wants to help finding somebody to talk to is so difficult I don’t want somebody to judge order to choose sides to agree or disagree just somebody to talk to it made me feel very emotional reading the comments and I thought maybe it will help me if I leave one I’ve never done this before the tears are filling up in my eyes now thank you for allowing me to comment

  2. Depression is NOT something that you can just “think happy thoughts” away. If you can you really aren’t depressed your just sad, down in the dumps or blue. My depression gets so severe that I contemplate suicide every couple of months. I can’t think, concentrate, motivate! I don’t want to get out of bed, shower or see anyone. I just want to be left alone so I can go over all the actions in my head. How I would do it, what would come next then I just keep mulling over the impact of what that one selfish act, suicide, would have on my family. Oh, how well I know, the impact it had on my life when my Dad committed suicide. I will NEVER FORGET how that made me feel and how guilty I still feel, yet, just another issue to pile on top of everything else that already makes me depressed. I realize I can’t be so selfish to force my Son and Husband to go through wondering “why”, “was it my fault”, “how could I have missed the signs” or “if only I would have…” NO, I’m NOT GOING TO LET DEPRESSION WIN. So I get out of bed everyday, no matter what, force a smile on my face and just go through the motions…most days I feel like I just can’t do this, I want to cry, scream, shout and die, but I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I keep extremely active so at night I just fall into bed hoping and praying that I will just pass out.

    • We’ll said hockey,i absolutely agree with you that there is definitely no way that you can think happy thoughts to push the bad ones away,if you really do suffer from clinically diagnosed depression,not just having a shitty day or feeling fed up,because,as im sure you will agree with me hockey that we also have feelings and bad days like that,but having suffered from depression myself from the age of 17and im now 42,and have been depressed for the majority of my adult life. I’ve been prescribed every anti depressant there is,and yes I’ve had years,although few and far between when I’ve not been on medication. But believe me,having a bad day or feeling sad is unequivecably nothing like being utterly and miserabally depressed. But like you ,most of the time i drag myself through the days as im just used to doing that,although getting to sleep is a problem as i start thinking over how im going to do this that and the other tomorrow,the next day and the next week and ill make lists telling myself what im going to get done,as ,believe me,I’ve a lot that needs to be done,but as sure as the sun comes up,i wont see it as i just don’t want to get out of bed,and now my children are older ,i dont have to get up,especially in the winter months . And ill try and wrap this upas i tend to go on as i dont see anyone from week to week ,admitted,that’s my own fault,as id rather be in on my own,but the moat important point here is that ,you cannot just pull you’re finger out and you’re bootstraps up,like countless folk tell you to do,and more often than mot,those folk have never suffered from severe depression and anxiety. There i go again going not really off topic,as everything im sating is true,but the most important thing that nearly all those folk that think you need a good kick up the backside,when they’re also tellin you amd everyone else how lazy you are,which couldn’t be further from the truth,is that depression is not a state of mind,its an actual chemical imbalance in the brain,the serotonin levels,lime the feel good endorphins are depleted and that is why the feelings of despair come into play. So often you need a medical helping hand ,which are tablets that start to replace and build up those levels until you feel better and start producing enough of you’re own. So unless you are missing serotonin in you’re brain,you will never understand what it is to be truly depressed. So.from one sufferer to another,chin up Vickey ,and keep plugging through as things will get better,they have to,and you,,and me amd every other person out there HAS to believe that,and as long as we keep raising awareness to mental health issues,treatments ,etc will get better,then so will w xxx

  3. The Higher Power I am coming to understand has a limitless capacity for Love and Care. I will trust my Higher Power is bigger than any problem I may have. The only suggested guidelines are that this Power be loving, caring, and greater than ourselves. We don’t have to be religious to accept this idea. The point is that we Open our Minds to believe.

  4. Look to this day, for it is life.
    The very life of life. In its brief course lie all
    The realities and vertices of existence,
    The bliss of growth, The splendor of action,
    The glory of power—-
    For yesterday is but a dream,
    And tomorrow is only a vision,
    But today, well lived.
    Make every yesterday a dream of happiness
    And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
    Look well, therefore, to this day.

    Sanskrit proverb
    by Kalidasa
    Indian poet and playwright
    Fourth century A.D.

  5. Depression is insidious. I don’t want to see people, nor trust them. I am a functional depressive; I go to work, do my best.
    My happiness is elusive and painful.
    I m not concerned with leaving this earthly body. This is one of many rounds of lives we live. I am an empathy and people’s conflicts and loud noises I can’t handle. I am friendly and others come to me for advice; it is draining.
    I am patiently waiting for this lifetime to end.

  6. Yesi too always try to planthings that wil make me happy. But wat i wantis not upto me. My daugter aways ruions the thgsi have planned. The only thing tat willmake me fee happy is spending time with my grandkids but she never lets my plans go through! Mostly becuse i ont agree with te wsy her wife has treated her.((she let her in one of my daugtershardest time , the kids were put in foster . my daughter had todo it all on her own. Was here but wounlt let me help.but i was here. I may not have beenn best mom but i was 17 & did the best. Could.shes 35 its time to get ove it move on.its like she wont forgive me. But she forgives her audultress wife w ho came back ever outing shes involvednot me! & it hurts realy bad!

  7. Catherine I’m going to something very similar… I have been clinically depressed major depressive order with moderate anxiety along with PTSD and all kinds of other alphabet I am trying to stay positive and be up listed it is so difficult in these times I don’t know if you believe but Church helped me but I’m not a bible thumper either. I’m just looking for peace and serenity to ease my brain so I can live out my later years knowing what it feels like to be a happy individual always put others ahead of me and is very foreign for me to think of me and what I want and what I need and it’s so easy to just put myself to the side while I can fix someone else’s something…
    You’re not alone

  8. Depression is the worst. I appreciate what is said but it’s not that easy. I have suffered from depression for years. Everything that is said here only for the moment makes you not think of what’s causing the depressing thoughts and feelings. I have tried several things, it’s hard when you can’t make it go away no matter what you do.

  9. For me, I have lived with depression during my youth. I learned to outgrow it by realizing that moods come in cycles, and that depression, like all other emotions is fleeting. just wait for the next cycle. I also try to remember experiences that made me very happy. Save up your good experiences. They will serve you well during the “dry seasons”. Everyone gets them. It is how you react to them that counts!

    • Better yet, plan for new pleasant experiences that you can look forward to. When you go on vacation, find out what activities you can do there that you can’t do at home. Then go and do them! Much better if you can bring along a few friends. In my youth, my friends and I would organize a trip and just go and do it. Not much planning, but great memories!

      Don’t place imaginary obstacles in the way of your fun. All the i’s don’t have to be dotted, and all the t’s don’t have to be crossed before you can enjoy yourself!

  10. Its very hard to be happy with depression i suffer from major depression i do every and anything just to try to be hanything but its not easy i am sorry

  11. Its very hard to be happy with depression i suffer from major depression i do every and aand just to try to be happy its not easy i am sorry


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