10 Strengths Of Sagittarians

3 Strengths Of Sagittarians
3 Strengths Of Sagittarians

Sagittarius is a fiery and freedom-loving sign with an almost unmatched zest for life. They are the travelers, artists, and spontaneous Zodiac children who really know how to take a bite out of life. Here are ten of the best ways Sagittarius makes use of their boundless energy.

Sagittarians Know What’s Really Important

A Sagittarius knows what they want and what will make them happy, and pursues it without making any excuses. A Sagittarius prizes experience above all things, and it’s rare you’ll find a Sagittarius in a job they hate just for the money. They see money as a vehicle that can help them achieve their goals, rather than an end goal itself.

Sagittarians just don’t settle. Why would they when they know they can find work they love instead of just jumping into rush hour traffic and the daily grind? These free thinkers make great entrepreneurs, but they can thrive in nearly any work setting as long as they love what they’re doing. They’re unlikely to seek out routine work unless facets of it are fascinating to them. This signs doesn’t do boredom. They would just as soon quit than stick with something that doesn’t grab their interest. This may come across as flaky, but this star sign knows who they are and what they want from life.

Sagittarians Are Natural Travelers

Nothing can stop a Sagittarius from trying to experience as much of the world as possible. They are often avid travelers whose unbreakable curiosity takes them all over the world. They are not afraid to take risks and are not afraid of failure, danger, or any kind of emotional aftermath. Their open-minded nature and love of people and life allow them to adapt to and learn from all kinds of diverse situations.

You won’t hear a Sagittarian complaining about the frustration of travel. In fact, most Sagittarians love anything to do with travel. They have a fierce sense of wanderlust. Planes, trains, ships, and automobiles are seen as bridges between them and the rest of the world. You’ll probably find Sagittarius making friends everywhere. From waiting in line for a cab to sitting down in a brand new restaurant, this charming celestial sign will likely be chatting people up and exchanging contact information to expand their impressive global social network. While they often prefer solo travel so that they can do their own thing, they’re happy to make friends along their journeys.

A Sagittarius Thinks For Themselves

While it can be easy for some to lose themselves trying to appease or entice others, that is not a language Sagittarius speaks. They know who they are and what they want. They value their independence highly, and no one can take that from them. They welcome challenge and change, and they absolutely love thinking outside of the box. While Sagittarius loves to learn about other people and has a big heart, the last thing they care about is getting their approval.

Of the 12 Zodiac signs, Sagittarius can be one of the most confident. They just don’t really do self-doubt. They have a powerful sense of themselves and their place in the world, and they just don’t have an urge to fit in when they could be standing out or standing up or moving on to the next thing. This astrological sign is highly intelligent, and their curiosity extends to themselves as much as others. That’s how they got to be so confident.

Sagittarians Crave Change

Zodiac’s Archer doesn’t sit still for long. They’re constantly looking ahead and taking aim for the next goal, destination, or relationship. Sagittarians have a strong craving for change. They get bored and feel trapped if they’re forced to repeat the same life day in and day out. They want variety, challenge, and novelty more than, perhaps, any other star sign. In fact, they’ll tell you it’s something they need – not just something they want.

This craving for change could make it seem like Sagittarius has ants in their pants. They really don’t do sitting still and doing nothing for any length of time unless they’re soaking in the latest true crime documentary. Even then, they’d probably prefer getting that knowledge on an audiobook driving in the car or on a screen in a plane. Why sit still when they could be in motion and heading to the next amazing experience? Sagittarians need to be challenged to be happy, and they’ll be most satisfied when they create a life filled with people who accept that and interests that play to their strengths and soothe that inner restlessness.

A Sagittarius Highly Values Knowledge

Sagittarians know a little bit of something about everything, but they won’t stop until they know a little bit of everything about everything. As much as they hunger for travel and variety, they have a deep thirst for knowledge. They want to know what makes people tick, why the world works the way it does, and how everything fits together. They soak in knowledge like a happy little sponge because it keeps their busy brains occupied.

You might already suspect the flip side to this love of knowledge. Sagittarius can, at times, be a little too curious. You might have just read that as “nosy” … and you’d be right. They may ask questions that are just a little too personal. They don’t mean to be rude. They just want to know. If you are going through a bad breakup, Sagittarius may want you to dish out the whole story to satisfy their curiosity. They don’t mean any harm. They just want to collect the knowledge, and they won’t be satisfied until they know everything there is to know. It can be aggravating or endearing depending on your mood and what information they’re sniffing out.

Sagittarians May Have Invented Brutal Honesty

You know how Sagittarius might ask about that breakup you definitely don’t want to talk about? Well, this astrological sign will also give it to you straight and tell you if that breakup was all your fault. It can’t be proven, but Sagittarians very well could have invented brutal honesty. After all, they are experts in speaking their minds with zero filter.

Everyone needs an honest friend in their lives. It’s important to have someone who will tell you if you have your salad stuck in your teeth or if your mascara is running down your cheeks. You need a person who could tell you that the partner everyone else claims to love is total trash and you deserve better. That kind of honesty is priceless, but it can also hurt a lot of feelings. Sagittarius doesn’t mean to be insensitive. They just appreciate honesty and assume everyone else is going to appreciate it just as much. When they drop that brutal truth bomb on you, they’ll probably expect appreciation even when you’re seeing red, but that’s just the way they see the world. They would be happy if you told them a hard truth and helped them avoid making a fool of themselves, so they’ll gladly do the same for you … whether you want them to or not.

A Sagittarius Is An Eternal Optimist

For all of Sagittarians’ brutally honest communication, you might be surprised to know that they are the eternal optimists of the 12 Zodiac signs. Nothing gets them down for long because they just don’t take life all that seriously. They just want to live their best lives and have a good time. They have their flaws, but at the end of the day, this celestial sign is all about living the good life.

This doesn’t mean every Sagittarius is happy every minute of the day, but they do have the powerful ability to bounce back. The glass isn’t just half-full. It’s often overflowing. And if it’s not? They’ll take that glass back for a new one or fill it to the brim. They have no interest in settling for any life but the best one they can live. They won’t thrive around negative people. If they can’t bring them up to their optimistic way of living, they’ll likely check out of those relationships to protect their peace.

Sagittarians Have Many Hobbies and Interests

It’s unsurprising that Sagittarians have many hobbies and interests. With their agile minds and quick wits, they need to stay occupied. Plus, they have short attention spans and aren’t likely to stay interested in one activity for long. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see Saggy for a while and the next time you do, there’s a whole new hobby they’ve adopted. It’s pretty charming unless you’re the kind of person who just wants to find one thing and stick with it. Sagittarius needs friends and partners who aren’t frustrated by their ever-changing enthusiasm. Just remember: they’re perfectly happy to do those interests solo if whatever strikes their fancy doesn’t strike yours. They’re cool like that.

Sagittarians aren’t the type to just sit around and be bored. They’ll make you miserable if they do. Luckily, they’re usually off planning the next adventure or finding a spontaneous one to do now. They can make even a routine trip to the grocery store fun. It’s not about spending money or living large. It’s all about staying engaged in life and enjoying its many pleasures.

A Sagittarius May Seem Allergic To Commitment

There’s bad news if you’re dating a Sagittarius. They may seem allergic to commitment. Obviously, you won’t need an epi-pen for this allergy. It’s more that they just don’t want to feel tied down. One person forever? Even the idea of it could send cold chills down a Sagittarian’s back. While not every Sagittarius runs like they’re being chased by Zombies at the mere mention of updating a relationship status or taking a long walk down an aisle toward marital bliss, some do. It’s best to clarify what they want. Their brutal honesty means they’ll tell you exactly what they want and what they really don’t. You might not like it, but you’ll know what to expect.

If you’re prepared to ditch your Sagittarius and run for dear life, keep in mind that they may not easily make a commitment, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get there eventually. Patience is the name of the game for anyone who dates a Sag. They may take things nice and slow, but if they decide you’re The One, they’ll see you as their preferred travel partner for life. Enjoy the journey, and don’t worry so much about getting to the destination because Sagittarians can’t be rushed into anything they aren’t ready to do.

Sagittarians Go All In On Life

Remember how this star sign might balk at commitment? When they decide to go for it, they go all in. That’s really how they live their lives, too. They are constantly seeking adventure and trying to squeeze every bit of joy and fun out of life. Everyone says that life is short, and Sagittarius isn’t going to miss a minute of it.

This is one of the best qualities of Sagittarians: this lust for life. They see every day as an adventure. If you spend time with them, you might start to see it, too. Suddenly, your 9-5 job isn’t a prison; it’s a choice. The relationship that’s lost its’ spark doesn’t need to be tolerated; it needs to be doused or rekindled. There are so many wonderful ways Saggy uses their energy, and this might be a favorite. They live wild, free, happy, full lives and make you want to do the same.

Sagittarians bring their fire, creativity, and curiosity to the table each and every day. This unstoppable star sign knows that life isn’t about how much money you make or how many boxes you check or how your life compares to any other. They don’t even save their bucket list until later in life. Their motto might as well be, “Why wait?”. This sign has figured out the true meaning of life, and they aren’t interested in following anyone else’s lead.

The Archer lives every single day as if it’s their first and their last. They embrace knowledge, seek out novelty, and greet life with excitement and appreciation. Because they’re always on the lookout for adventure, they’re likely to find it. If you’re lucky, this Sun Sign might even consider taking you along for the ride.

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