3 Strengths Of Sagittarians

3 Strengths Of Sagittarians
3 Strengths Of Sagittarians

Sagittarius is a fiery and freedom-loving sign with an almost unmatched zest for life. They are the travelers, artists, and spontaneous zodiac children who really know how to take a bite out of life. Here are three of the best ways Sagittarius makes use of their boundless energy.

Sagittarians Know What’s Really Important

A Sagittarius knows what they want and what will make them happy, and pursues it without making any excuses. A Sagittarius prizes experience above all things, and it’s rare you’ll find a Sagittarius in a job they hate just for the money. They see money as a vehicle which can help them achieve their goals, rather than an end goal itself.

Sagittarians Are Natural Travellers

Nothing can stop a Sagittarius from trying to experience as much of the world as possible. They are often avid travellers whose unbreakable curiosity takes them all over the world. They are not afraid to take risks, and are not afraid of failure, danger, or any kind of emotional aftermath. Their open minded nature and love of people and life allows them to adapt to and learn from all kinds of diverse situations.

A Sagittarius Thinks For Themselves

While it can be easy for some to lose themselves trying to appease or entice others, that is not a language the Sagittarius speaks. They know who they are and what they want. They value their independence highly, and no one can take that from them. The welcome challenge and change, and love thinking outside of the box. While Sagittarius loves to learn about other people and has a big heart, the last thing they care about is getting their approval.


  1. This describes me very well. I’m an apex cusp Sag/Cap 12/21 so I can really relate to this article. I sometimes find it hard to balance out my traits since I notice the differences in the 2 signs. Sometimes I feel like a walking yin/yang when I’m trying to keep them in harmony.

  2. This is my son! I seriously and having a difficult time getting through to him because of some of this. But it is insight on more so how to approach him and leat things work themselves out by him experience. He is 15 and has mental illnesses i am a Capricorn and we are so much alike we can’t get through to each other ever..

  3. I am a Sagittarius with a moon in Taurus and Cancer/Leo Rising. But I feel I have more traits of a Taurus

  4. One of my very favourite people is a Sag, and if this isn’t him to a tee, I’ll eat my favourite pair of boots! LOL

  5. That’s real close,but don’t forget the part where we can be the best of friends,and really hate to be lied to.The inner strength of a sag is our hearts.

  6. this truly fits my personality. I must add the thinking out of the box extends to a mystical side for me. To me its not out of the box but some people think I’m out there at times. I find great relaxation in the spiritual reiki side of life. Its a connection that I believe all human beings(not just Sag’s) have but not all are accepting of this wonderful treasure that the universe has given us. Its like anything, you have to practice to understand it. Can’t tell me you opened your computer and knew what you were doing? Practice and education helps build the soul. Sags love adventure but it depends on what your definition of adventure is. For me, its starting with earthing: walking on the ground and being part of it. By the way without rubber sole sneakers. Bare feet is the best.


  8. The rising sign has a lot to do with any signs personality. My husband is a Saggitarius with Capricorn rising. He is a adventurer but also a worry wart. He worries what if. Drives me crazy.

  9. In two young men I know well, its mostly true. But ones an introvert and ones an extrovert so that must be factored in. Thanks!

  10. I know a couple of sags an they depress the heck out of me cause they are always about gloom an doom !!!Maybe its because of the place we live with no prospects of getting out. I don’t know but,they are nothing like what you just described above.ps an they and myself are not in jail or anything like that I just mean the town in which we live.LOL

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