3 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

3 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate
3 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

Finding your soulmate is a dream come true for many people. But, how do you know if you’ve met them? Three sign that you’ve met the one are that you can communicate with them nonverbally, particularly through eye contact, regardless of how long you’ve known them, you feel an irresistible connection, and you’re both openly honest with one another.

1. Nonverbal Communication

If you have that someone in your life who you can look at and just know what each other’s thoughts are, then you’ve found the one. You and your soulmate are able to read each others’ body language and facial expressions really well, and are pretty good at knowing what they’re thinking. Eye contact expresses, receives, and shares experiences when you’re with that special someone. Your nonverbal communication is on point with your soulmate.

2. Nuanced Connection

If you’ve ever met someone and felt an amazing connection, like you’ve known the person all your life, that person may very well be your soulmate. It only takes one look to feel that connection, that ZING, as it’s referred to in the movie Hotel Transylvania. When you look at them, you feel a very strong connection with the person. Perhaps the thought even crosses your mind, “This might be my soulmate.” It will feel like part of your soul is in them and vise versa; you are “twin flames.”

3. Openness

It isn’t always easy being open and honest with someone. However, when you’re with “the one” you find yourself telling them things you have trouble talking about with others. This, in turn, makes your relationship seem all the more spectacular. You tell them secrets and your guilty pleasures, for sure. Also, they are one of the first people you want to gush to when something great happens. Your soulmate is your greatest confidante

When you’ve met your soulmate, you’ll know. You’ll feel an instant connection. Even more than that, you’ll easily nonverbally communicate with one another and likely find yourself being open and honest with them. If you’ve experienced these with anyone in your life, it’s quite possible that you’ve find your soulmate. If you haven’t yet, you know what to look out for now. Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open.