Your Amazing Soul

Your Amazing Soul
Your Amazing Soul

You are a conscious being with your own thoughts, your own sense of right and wrong, and an ability to feel a vast range of emotions. We know from Neuroscience that chemicals in the brain are responsible for the emotions we feel and our reactions to the things around us. We also are aware that electrical activity in the brain can be measured and are able to tell the difference if we are asleep or awake. Brain injuries or disease can change personalities and our perceptions of the world. So, where does this leave us in regards to having a soul?

You Are a Soul, You have a Body (and a brain!)

The concept of a soul has been touched on by spiritual and religious teachings for longer than human history has been documented. But, what is a soul? Is it real, or is it simply something we’d like to believe? Can’t the mechanics of the brain account for the perception of being alive?

No. It cannot.

All the electrical synapses and neurotransmitter uptake in the world do not create consciousness. While the functions of our brains do — very much — come into play when it comes to how we experience the world around us, those functions do not explain the real and tangible experience of having a sense of “I.”

So, while many in science still would and do reject the notion of the soul, the study of physics is now at the very tip of the iceberg of understanding the quantum mechanics of our soul.

Evidence of Something Everlasting

Previously, some of the best evidence we had of the soul was though anecdotal personal experiences. One of the most compelling of these was the story of Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who was a skeptic and medical scientist until he had a very detailed near-death experience that changed his entire outlook on the existence of the soul.

More recently, quantum physics has given us an even deeper insight. The theory of orchestrated objective reduction has been around for twenty years, but only a few years ago was backed up by evidence.

Consciousness seems to exist on the quantum level as a vibration all its own. Stored within structures called microtubules that exist within neurons in the brain, these quantum bits are only now the focus of serious research. One of the doctors responsible for this ongoing research explained that as physical life ends, this energy may be released back into the universe as a soul.

So, yes, you have a soul created of pure quantum, vibrating energy stored in your cells. It is who and what you are: infinite, amazing energy connected to both your body and to the universe.