3 Souls You Will Recognize as Soulmates

3 Souls You Will Recognize as Soulmates
3 Souls You Will Recognize as Soulmates

When someone falls deeply in love, they often refer to the object of their feelings as a soulmate. Often, these are people who you feel a connection with from the moment the enter your personal orbit. But, what is a soulmate, really? Surprisingly enough, not all the people who serve as soulmates in your life are romantic in nature. There are several different types of people who have souls vibrating at the same level of energy as your own, and not all are potential love connections.

Here are the three most common kinds of soulmates you may find through your life:

The Twin Flame

The romantic ones, when found, are usually considered to be “twin flames”, where those who are fortunate enough to recognize them feel a deep, intimate connection. It is as if you found a part of your very soul in the body of another, and you’re free to be yourself outside of jealousy, ego or possessiveness. A spiritual love that transcends the physical can ensue, and you may feel as if you’ve known them your entire lives. These connections, when nurtured, can last a lifetime and — quite possibly — beyond.

The Karmic Teacher

A belief in past lives isn’t really necessary to recognize that this type of soulmate exists. You don’t even need to believe in the theory of karmic debt. This type of soul mate comes into your life to teach you important lessons to further the growth of your soul. Sometimes it is a friend, a family member or it could even be your nemesis! Their presence in your life may or may not last forever, but they make an impact on your life for the better, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time. Often there is an attraction to the person that defies rationality, but it often isn’t physical or even romantic. They may feel essential to your life as a glass of water, however. And, either through their support or how they challenge you, they lead you to or through your deepest life lessons.

The Kindred Spirit

While we may have many friends, connections or acquaintances during the course of our lives, one or two friends stand out as “true friends.” These are our kindred; they bring out the best and worst of us at times. They are there when we’re down. This type of soulmate will stand up for you publicly when you’re wrong, but then scream at you in private when you’ve screwed up. They tell you the truth even when it isn’t what you want to hear and then hold your hand when you cry. You could be apart due to life changes for years — or even decades — and still pick up right where you left off. The relationship can transcend time and space, and you can be completely yourself with them by your side.

While there are many other types of connections that resonate with our soul’s vibe in different ways, when you recognize one of the above, your life is forever altered. So, whether you are seeking your twin flame, your teacher or your BFF, know that they will arrive in your life when the time — and your vibe — is right for each.