Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer Love Compatibility
Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancers are known for their deep well of kindness, nurturing and sensitivity, as well as a love of the comforts of a harmonious home that can make them caring, attentive partners. They do, though, like all Water signs, have a tendency to focus on their internal life, particularly if they feel threatened or hurt (it’s no mistake they’re symbolized by the Crab, whose hard shell serves as both home and hiding place). When loved and nurtured, Cancers are often more than willing to provide be empathetic other half.

While the Sun Signs on their own don’t give a complete picture of Zodiac sign compatibility, they can be a primary indicator of whether two people can settle into an easy partnership or love. Certainly, any couple can make choices to be open to differences between them. Since the Sun represents the psychological ego archetype, Sun Sign compatibility takes into consideration how the drive and sense of self come into play with couples. Because the astrological Sign elements are a great indicator of that, we look to them as the overall litmus test.

Fire Signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo)

Fire and water are an uncommon celestial sign mix, and though caring Cancer may feel a sort of admiration or even be dazzled by the outgoing and passionate Fire sign, it’s likely Cancer will quickly feel overwhelmed by the feisty and fast-paced Fire signs. Conversely, Fire often gets overwhelmed by the sensitive Cancer, whose dedication to quiet pursuit baffles the Fire sign, who loves to lead and be at the center of things. Not an impossible match, but a great deal of self-awareness and respectful communication are required all around to make it work.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra Aquarius)

Astrological wisdom suggests quiet Cancer will often be drawn to the gadfly Air signs, especially their intellectual curiosity. Air Signs will find Cancer’s sensitivity endearing, and the Air Sign’s love of being surrounded by comfort will be particularly delighted by Cancer’s love of all things hearth and home. Caution must be practiced, though, to ensure Cancer doesn’t find the more outgoing Air sign to be frivolous, and that the Air sign doesn’t begin to feel that Cancer’s sensitivity is over the top. This can be a star sign pairing that fosters great creativity, as long as both partners have the patience to accept each other’s differences.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Cancer may take great comfort in a fellow Water sign, who shares Cancer’s sensitivity and desire for quiet and introspection. While this match can foster the best in one another (creativity, intuition, empathy), they can also slip into lassitude and heighten each other’s weaknesses (self-criticism, retreating from the external world, melancholy). A Water celestial sign pairing for Cancer can be a good one, so long as self-reflection isn’t allowed to lapse into insecurities.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs can be incredibly nourishing partners for Cancer, who loves a stable, comfortable home, and whose instincts for self-criticism or negativity will be tempered under the steadying influence of ultra-stable Earth signs. The Earth sign, on the other hand, will find their perspectives opened up by Cancer’s more creative way of thinking, and will find great comfort in the sensitivity of thoughtful cancer. As Water causes the seeds in Earth to flourish, so do these two Zodiac signs fuel each other.

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