The Science of Happiness and Your Amazing Brain

The Science of Happiness and Your Amazing Brain
The Science of Happiness and Your Amazing Brain

If negative emotions keep getting in the way of your happiness, there may be a simple explanation and a fix.

When a negative event takes place, your brain releases hormones and neurotransmitters that trigger your fight or flight response. When that happens, those moments imprint on your brain and become some of your most accessible memories. Your brain does this as a learning and safety mechanism; it is designed to help you stay alive in the wild and from making the same fatal mistakes over and over.

But, what if you realized you could rise above your hard-wired survival instincts and “rewire” your brain to be happier? The science says that this is not only possible, but it isn’t as difficult to do as it might seem. One proven technique involves taking a negative thought and turning it into a positive.

For example, a recurring thought such as, “I’m terrible at math,” can be modified to something more useful such as, “Math is challenging for me but I’m quite good at cooking.”

You certainly do not have to suddenly pretend that life’s difficulties don’t exist. You have to experience the dips to appreciate the hills. However, when you choose to blend a positive thought into your negative experiences, it actually changes your brain through neuroplasticity. You begin to experience those dips in life differently.

This isn’t magic or some fringe alternative practice. This is science. Studies have shown that even as adults, we can consciously change the structure of the brain and the way we think just by thinking a certain way.

By exposing yourself daily to positive messages, you literally teach yourself to be happier. You create new connections in your brain and activate the growth of new cells. This is something you can start right this moment to change your life to live with joy and better overall health.

At SoulVibe, we offer daily messages and inspiration to keep you on track. Just by getting your daily dose of happiness, you can start your journey towards greater happiness and success right now.


  1. I think positive n positivity is a mental cure or mental relief for almost everything . I hate when I’m stuck and situations happen where your surrounded by negative people. They truly suck your life force I think. . If possible try to surround yourself with positive supportive people . You’ll view yourself much kinder

  2. I’ve been awakened to this concept and have began a journey on this path… It’s true! It’s been 2 years now and things are happening that I would never had imagined before… Thoughts can be changed just by looking at things different! Every little bit helps…

    • I was born with a birth defect several actually but only 1 they couldn’t operate or fix is I product much adrenaline when feel pushed…I have this for life but what. You said about math I’ve been doing for years.. LoL I’m remedial math but honors English.. huh a coping mechanism my brain taught itself because I can’t change my adrenal gland’s been a blessing and a curse but whatever it is Im stuck with it must constantly keep a check on it especially when my daughter started dating. Oh boy ! LMAO

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