3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo

3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo
3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo

Virgos are true introverts. They seem passive, quiet, and unassuming at first, but once a Virgo is comfortable around you they really open up. They are known for their dry sense of humor and unshakeable practicality. Virgos don’t sugarcoat their opinions out of the sake of expediency, which can often shock others. If you are wondering how to win over the shy and seemingly unreachable virgo in your life, take a look at these 3 tips.

Look The Part

Virgos are often perfectionists that put a lot of effort into every aspect of their lives. Nothing turns them off more than lack of effort. Looking neat, clean, and tidy will send all the right signals to any Virgo, and help you pass muster. Virgos are often cleanly and polite, and expect the same of those around them.

Get Clever

While many signs live for compliments, big gestures, and flashy displays, a lot of that does nothing for a Virgo. They are highly practical signs with a dry wit, and would often prefer one genuine compliment over a thousand impractical gifts. A sarcastic and clever joke will get you far with a Virgo, even if they don’t always laugh.

Be Patient

Virgos are often introverts. They take a long time to figure out how they feel about a person or situation, while weighing numerous factors. Don’t take a Virgo’s initially cold demeanor personally, and don’t pester them when they don’t move fast enough for you. The best thing you can do is show a Virgo that you have a good, calm head on your shoulders, and respectfully let them move at their own pace.

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