12 Ways To Win Over A Virgo

3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo
3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo

You may have noticed that of all 12 horoscope signs, Virgos are the true introverts. They seem passive, quiet, and unassuming at first, but once a Virgo is comfortable around you they really open up. They are known for their dry sense of humor and unshakeable practicality. Virgos don’t sugarcoat their opinions for the sake of expediency, which can often shock others.

Between their shocking honesty and their tendency toward introversion, it can seem hard to get close to them. If you are wondering how to win over the shy and seemingly unreachable Virgo in your life, take a look at these 12 tips.

Look The Part

Virgos are often perfectionists who put a lot of effort into every aspect of their lives. Nothing turns them off more than lack of effort. Looking neat, clean, and tidy will send all the right signals to any Virgo and help you pass muster. Virgos are often clean and polite and expect the same of those around them.

This doesn’t mean you have to dress up for every occasion, but you certainly don’t want to dress down or ignore your hygiene even for the most casual date. Virgos pay attention to detail, and they’ll notice if you’ve taken the time to look your best for them. After all, they’ll be sure to look their best for you.

Get Clever

While many astrological signs live for compliments, big gestures, and flashy displays, a lot of that does nothing for a Virgo. They are highly practical signs with a dry wit, and would often prefer one genuine compliment over a thousand impractical gifts. A sarcastic and clever joke will get you far with a Virgo, even if they don’t always laugh.

It may be a matter of working smarter rather than harder. Get to know the Virgo in your life and make sure that the effort you put in matches their interests. Send a plant instead of cut flowers to your garden-loving Virgo. Does your Virgo love pizza more than any fancy dinner? Show up with the pie with all their favorite toppings. Your gestures don’t have to be expensive to be valuable to Virgo.

Be Patient

Virgos are often introverts. They take a long time to figure out how they feel about a person or situation while weighing numerous factors. Don’t take a Virgo’s initially cold demeanor personally, and don’t pester them when they don’t move fast enough for you. The best thing you can do is show a Virgo that you have a good, calm head on your shoulders, and respectfully let them move at their own pace.

You may need this patience when dealing with Virgo’s often blunt communication style. They aren’t trying to be rude, but this star sign really tells it like they see it. This can be troubling to some of the other Zodiac signs. It’s not that they’re mean – far from it! They just value honesty. They’ll never let you walk around with food on your face or your fly unzipped. They’d rather hurt your feelings with their honesty than see you embarrassed.

Be Creative

Virgos appreciate creativity, so don’t just roll out the dinner-and-a-movie scenario for each and every night out. Consider other fun activities instead. Perhaps they’d love a night of painting canvases over a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Maybe they’d be into dining in the dark or going on a ghost tour. Perhaps the clever Virgo in your life would enjoy an escape room or a chance to take a couples’ cooking class. Get to know you’re Virgo, and you’ll have an inkling of the kind of activities they’ll enjoy. Customizing a date around their interests can be a big turn-on.

Virgos can be homebodies and creatures of comfort, so a creative night in could work just as well as a creative night out. It’s not about the money spent or the time it took to plan it. It’s all about flexing your creativity to show you care. Plus, Virgos can, at times, take life seriously. Yet, they WANT to be able to have that weight lifted… and share that feeling with someone. If you can help them have fun and enjoy the lighter side of life, you just might win them over.

Be Kind

Virgos will judge you if you’re unkind to servers and other waitstaff. That attention to detail means they’ll see a giant waving red flag if you snub anyone or indulge in hateful gossip. They’re also sensitive to how you treat them. If you’re often critical or even condescending, Virgo will know you aren’t for them. Of the 12 Zodiac signs, Virgos are among the kindest. They also value kindness in others.

On the flip side, if they see you being kind, it will make them think well of you. To a Virgo, seeing a random act of kindness can be hot – especially if it’s sincere and not performative. Just be kind to others. It’s a good rule for life and certainly a good rule for winning over Virgos. They will definitely notice.

Go Deep

If all your conversations involve small talk, Virgo will lose interest fast. They want deep conversations, not endless discussions of work and the weather. They have no interest in exchanging “how are yous” until the end of time. They want to do a deep dive into their interests and yours. Otherwise, they’ll likely suspect that you’re too shallow for them, or they’ll be so bored to tears that they may lose all interest.

While often introverted, Virgos can talk to anyone. This doesn’t mean they’ll reveal their secrets, but they can be trusted to handle yours. If they do share something personal with you, treat it with respect and know that you’ve been gifted with this celestial sign’s most valued possession… their trust.

Give Them Space

If you really want to wow a Virgo, show them you respect their need for personal space and “me” time. They won’t be okay with friends or partners smothering them and monopolizing all their time. They have many interests. Even if that interest is staying home binge-watching their latest show, they’ll want you to respect their need for a little space to breathe in the relationship.

Of course, all healthy relationships need space, but Virgo places a high value on this quality. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to be invited out or that they’ll tolerate being ignored. You can always ask, but accept their no without argument. They’ll know you care if you understand their need for time to themselves. They’ll be even more impressed if you also appreciate the time to yourself rather than waiting around for them to be available to you. Who knew self-care and space could be so attractive?

Show Effort

Virgos will notice if you aren’t putting in the same level of effort that they’re showing you. Because they value hard work and consistency, they’ll be sure to spot the signs that you’re just phoning in the relationship. Showing up late for a date is a major no-no with Virgos. They’ll automatically assume that you don’t respect them or their valuable time. Forgetting about special occasions will also be a turn-off for list-making, tradition-loving Virgos. They’ll want to see that the effort at the start of the relationship continues, or they’ll assume you’re not interested and soon lose interest themselves.

Effort is very attractive to most star signs, and Virgos are no exception. They’ll have a heightened sensitivity to changes in the relationship. They’re so steadfast that they’ll notice if other people start to dial things back. If they see that effort is dwindling, their affections may do the same. Don’t feel like you have to go overboard. Even the smallest actions can warm the heart of a steady and dependable Virgo.

Reassure Them

Virgos are chronic overthinkers. They’ll overthink what you said, what they said, and what someone said a year ago. They take worry to a whole new level, and this quality can sometimes sabotage relationships. They don’t mean to. They just think of every single possible scenario and try to prepare themselves for it. They know that worry and overthinking are Achilles’ heels for them, but that doesn’t mean they can just quit doing it.

Want to win them over? Be willing to reassure them that you care without them having to ask for it. Use both actions and words to let them know they still have your affection and appreciation. Show up for them. Offer compliments and appreciation. Notice their efforts toward you. If overthinking leads to overreacting, remember that they aren’t trying to create drama on purpose. Be willing to hear them out and validate their feelings, and they’ll know you still care.

Embrace Self-Improvement

Tidy Virgo doesn’t expect everyone they meet to have their lives completely together. If you’re a hot mess express, it doesn’t mean Virgo will dismiss you. They do really love when people are into self-improvement. After all, they often see themselves as their very own DIY project. They embrace their growth journey – and will love it when you do, too.

“That’s just the way I am” won’t fly with practical Virgo. They expect that if you notice a personal problem, you’ll be looking for a solution to fix it. For instance, chronic tardiness is a behavior, not a personality trait. If you show that you’re willing to try to be better, Virgo will appreciate your sincere effort even if it sometimes falls short. Even though Virgos can be extra-judgmental, don’t forget that they’re also kind and generous and will try to understand where you’re coming from.

Clean Up Your Act

It’s probably best not to invite Virgo into your messy house or untidy car. They may turn around and run out the door – or jump out, as the case may be. They really value clean, organized spaces. It makes them a little crazy to be surrounded by junk, dust and disorder. They’ll definitely enjoy a trip to help you find some organization tools, but they won’t enjoy being in chaotic, messy places.

Don’t think this means that Virgo will enjoy cleaning up after you. Yes, they value tidy spaces. Yes, they like to keep order in the universe. No, this doesn’t mean they’ll want to sign on as your personal maid. Picking up after another fully grown adult will just annoy them. Virgos are often mistakenly thought to enjoy cleaning. It’s not true; they just enjoy being in clean spaces. They don’t want to have to tidy up after other people to achieve this, but they’re happy enough to tidy up after themselves – and for you to do the same. In fact, if you really want to win them over, you might even step in and help them organize their own spaces or help tidy up with them after dinner. They’ll notice your effort and appreciate your cleanliness.

Accept Help

Virgos may offer to help you out. LET THEM. Don’t turn them down, or you might turn them off. Virgos love to learn, and they often have knowledge on a wide variety of topics. If they offer assistance or advice, they’ll want to know that you appreciate their help and value their opinions. They just might see the rejection of their help as a rejection of them.

This doesn’t mean you have to let their inner control freak rule your life, but you can let them help you out from time to time. It’s how they show that they care, and it will help them see that you care enough to know that about them. For sometimes shy and quiet Virgo, an offer to help you out is the equivalent of skywriting their love for you across the heavens. See it for what it is and don’t turn it down.

Virgos may have a wall up when you meet them. They’re like hard candy with soft, gooey centers. You may have to melt those defenses before you get to the good stuff. And there’s so much good stuff! It may seem like a lot of effort, but Virgos are worth it. They’re kind, generous, dependable, and will have your back for life if you’ve got theirs. If you don’t want to make that effort, you were never going to win them over anyway.

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