3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo

3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo
3 Ways To Win Over A Virgo

Virgos are true introverts. They seem passive, quiet, and unassuming at first, but once a Virgo is comfortable around you they really open up. They are known for their dry sense of humor and unshakeable practicality. Virgos don’t sugarcoat their opinions out of the sake of expediency, which can often shock others. If you are wondering how to win over the shy and seemingly unreachable virgo in your life, take a look at these 3 tips.

Look The Part

Virgos are often perfectionists that put a lot of effort into every aspect of their lives. Nothing turns them off more than lack of effort. Looking neat, clean, and tidy will send all the right signals to any Virgo, and help you pass muster. Virgos are often cleanly and polite, and expect the same of those around them.

Get Clever

While many signs live for compliments, big gestures, and flashy displays, a lot of that does nothing for a Virgo. They are highly practical signs with a dry wit, and would often prefer one genuine compliment over a thousand impractical gifts. A sarcastic and clever joke will get you far with a Virgo, even if they don’t always laugh.

Be Patient

Virgos are often introverts. They take a long time to figure out how they feel about a person or situation, while weighing numerous factors. Don’t take a Virgo’s initially cold demeanor personally, and don’t pester them when they don’t move fast enough for you. The best thing you can do is show a Virgo that you have a good, calm head on your shoulders, and respectfully let them move at their own pace.


  1. Im a female scorpio with a male virgo and find it amazeing how accurate all the astrological views and assessments of our compatibility ate. I’ve been with my bf for 3 years now and didnt really gain his trust and unconditional love till about a year into the relationship and found myself constantly trying to prove my love and loyalty to him that first year and still do occasionally. I wholeheartedly believed in our happily ever after from the first day I entered his home and instantly felt ok for the first time in years and knew if we were to become a couple that id never wanna loose him. Its not always easy being his partner but all the positive I get from him makes it easy to deal with all the things i usually would not deal with from others. We have an amazeing trust and unbreakable bond and rarely ever have major or lasting fights. And I give him lots of credit for being able to so effortlessly put up with all my crazieness and big girl tantrums and still loveing me no matter how miserable or rotten I can be sometimes. He honestly makes me a better person and i love him for it cause not many taim me and calm me down and he doese it almost lije he has special powers over me lol. Hes truelly a good man who treats peoply fairly and trys to put a smile on someones face daily, by helping them or doing something to better someone and is so humble about that he fails to see how amazeing he is never feeling good enough or compitent enough but hides it well giveing false impressions and an easy target of judgement from those to dont know or understand him. We have both gotten better selfesteems from each other true appreciation for eachother. Alls I can do is hope we conitue to amaze eachother and live happily ever after.

  2. I agree with most of you.
    I was in a relationship with a Virgo for almost 6 years. I want to think he loved me but I really can’t justify that he did. I do know in the end he didn’t.
    He became a person I didn’t know and didn’t want to. In my eyes he was and is the most EVIL person I have ever met. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything. Only what he wants and what benefits him.

  3. All that shit was so meaningless. Let’s star☆T now and change the WORLD ♡ for the BETToR. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆

  4. Leo/Virgo my man also a Virgo so sweet kind loving supports me thru my mental illness calm trustworthy loyal always complementing me building me up making me a better person so mature and always giving mentally physically I’m sorry you have struggled it’s not the sign it’s the man maybe it’s because he’s from Africa has struggled is grateful and was taught with a different set of morals he is 32 and I’m 51 love of my life my world my cure my happiness

  5. This is all so true. They are such egocentric narcs. Always critical, always angry. Hated the children. And, my father was one and he was exactly the same. Horrible people.

  6. I have been married to a Virgo for 25 years which is surprising because I am his polar opposite Pisces. He is an introvert but encourages me to spend time with friends. Not once has he has trust issues even when I returned home in the middle of the night. He is very analytical and logical which is not at all me but we have made great effort to learn how to communicate. He is not as affection as I am but he makes up for it when it really matters. About 7 years into marriage, his selfishness was at an all time high so I turned the tables on him. When he realize how it felt to be on the other side, he decided to compromise. He keeps house clean without complaining because my process is different but he does not argue with me about it. He is very moody but I learned to shrug it off because it is not about me. Those of you not giving Virgo’s a chance should reconsider. I know my husband is committed to me as his wife and his children. He shows his love differently than I do but I trust him 100 %. I know he loves me more than he knows how to express in my “Love Language” but he proves it everyday in his way. He is prepared for emergency situations preparing to put us before himself in life and death situations. Most importantly 25 years later still mind blowing sex every time because he studied up to make sure I more than satisfied. Last thing, I learned from him that sitting back observing how others interact allows you to notice things you might have missed because you were engage in conversation. Most importantly, a person does not always have to heard sometimes we need to listen.

  7. Virgo male here, I am shy until I get to know someone, after awhile I open up just like this says . I’m 30 years old, when I was 25 I was all about me me me and very jealous, insecure, and controlling. Now I’m very kick back on relationships. Go with the flow and be happy. I’m very loyal and passionate about what my girlfriend is feeling. I can read people pretty well, if she is lying I can usually tell. Which is a Virgo… always analyzing. I’m also on the cusp of Libra so I’m not sure if that has to do with being laid back now days.

  8. Male Virgos are so different than female Virgos!! I am a female Virgo who cannot stand the narcissistic male Virgo!! Their need for admiration is not a trait that I have ever seen in any of my fellow female Virgos!! Speak up girls!!

  9. I am a virgo and am kinda of like what it says. Takes time to know people and then very diffetent. I am not greedy and in fact am very much the giver. Indepentant and will do my all for family and friends. I am on the cusp so i could be some libra. I dont trust easy because of being used but once commited it’s for life

  10. I’m dating a Virgo an he is all about himself it’s so unbelievable. What Lauren an Christine is so much like him its so crazy . I really care about him but at times i really don’t believe he will or could ever love anyone but himself. As far as ever being internment, null an void an blames it on me . At first he has a little affection but Its gone now an we have only been seeing each other since June 2017. Its so sad that men can really act like this .. I’m a SAGITTARIUS an far from being anything like him . I’m so passionate ,romantic an touchy an he hates to be touched . Leading the hard way ☹☹

    • Wow your realtionship sounds like mine we have been together for 3 years yes hes a virgo and yes he blames me for everything even when its completely out of my control he seems like a narsactic person sorry about my spelling lol but i stay w him cause i do love him its not easy though i am a Capricorn complete opposite

    • I feel they do that because, blaming u for never being internment keeps them from ever having to be close to u, it keeps them safe an that way they will never let anyone really in there hearts an they will never be hurt . Sometimes I see him start to let me in an when he realizes that he turns jus as fast . Lol . It’s jus hard to believe the he don’t want love in his heart . But if he does he will never tell me . He has always gotta be the tuff one . Very sad ☹☹💔💔

    • It’s sad when the heart wants more then it will ever receive. I don’t feel he would ever betray me but at the same time I jus don’t understand why he don’t want to feel all what love has to offer him . It’s so crazy .

  11. That’s me….it does take me a bit to size one up and get comfortable-but then I’m outgoing and friendly for the most part! LoL! I disagree with the greedy part mentioned cuz I’m just not that-and deceitful? Only when I’ve been betrayed…….you get what you give so it makes me wonder what happened to the Virgo in those relationships…?

  12. I was in love with a virgo for six years until i found out he is narsistic . Like most virgos being perfectionist, always needing to be noticed,never really caring about the feelings of those hes close to. Expecting all the attention and being cruel to the ones hes closest to when they dont agree with him. A narsisistic virgo is the worst if you do not know how to love or care for them. Be prepared to nwver be the center of his attention unless your a codependant person. Which is exactly what they need in you. Codepence.

    • The guy im dating is jus like this . I jus wonder how u can spend so much time with someone an never let them get close to u . An yes in public ALWAYS flirting to make himself look good an trying to make me look like an idiot. I fast to let him no that I will not be disrespected by anyone an it’s like he really can careless but at home , he hardly ever talks an keeps to himself . Jus trying to understand.

    • I’m with one right now, have been with him off and on for four and a half years, everything you wrote in your post is so true! He literally starts a fight with me when it’s time for me to come home! If you have any advice I would really appreciate it!

  13. I left a Virgo after 30 yrs, they have a dark side, deceitful, greedy for money, always thinks the grass is greener, twist things around to suit themselves. Liars, will never make a commitment, control freaks. Loves to be liked by other people. Never again.

    • We all have a dark side….I’m leo/Virgo but the things u mentioned lying deciet those r character flaws that anyone can have not just a “virgo”per say….sorry u had a poor experience w/1….Anon I replied to this because I met an Anon person and think u might b the same located in northern California, Marin is where I met u 20 yrs or so ago….if it’s the same Anon.

  14. I left a Virgo after 30 yrs, they have a dark side, deceitful, greedy for money, always thinks the grass is greener, twist things around to suit themselves. Liars, will never make a commitment, control freaks. Loves to be liked by other people. Never again.

  15. One of the most self centered men Ive known ever- but I love him and cant see myself without him in my life. He glowed differently than anybody when I first saw him, and his aura still does. There is just something about his brain and practicality that superceeds that of anyone Ive met- aside from one other person I know. He guts me daily- hurts me in cold critical analysis and tones of voice bereft of warmth. But he knows he can be a real jerk so I am able to allow him room to grow as I practice tolerance. Something bad happened I think, so while ugly may have shaped his life and scarred him, there still is a childlike vulnerability that makes it impossible to stay upset long. Its a fine frenzy of chaos sometimes. But when in the clutch and I truly need him, he rarely fails me.

    • It’s so crazy . How do u keep going , I get so sad an frustrated. I trusted him an the things we talked about when we first started dating but he is nothing like he pretended to be . He has been married an in many relationship in his life that’s is so unbelievable. Someone like this really has no feeling for anyone . Its so sad .. Jus wondering

  16. I have know a Virgo for 4 months now. All he does is TALK about himself, job etc. I don’t mind I’m a good listener. But show no signs of any intimate relationship. TALK about frustrating.


  18. Very accurate
    ima full throttle Virgo
    Analyze all things I gotta know why…I will research the duck outta useless info searching for the how and whys,
    Im observant

  19. And can be very heartless, believing they deserve fun fun fun and an overzealous partying good time and materialism over compassion. Overboard indulgence.

  20. My life is reading this and changing as we speak. “GOD” bless the spirit for showing us the value a virgo has in this world. Along with all the other valuable spiritually gifted people to see this journey for what it really is. We all need each other and our differences to make all this truly work.
    Virgo man
    All heart here.💋💓

  21. I’m as middle a Virgo 8/31 as 1 can go….but was a “”premie”” on my birthday to start with, so sometimes I “feel” the following sign.

    Anyone else premature in nature?

    Critical, I heinously perceptive, highly intelligent, kind, perfectionistic, DEEP and easy to contribute to those hearts in need,,,cuz we can “””see”” way well beyond the surface. Our detail orientation is something else, so much so, we might lose sight of the big picture. And we sure are sensitive little buggers, aren’t we? And our neat clean freak lifestyles can overwhelm us, but it is so much better than being a slob where one cannot see their entire house floor, I guess is say, though we are annoying when too clean is say sometimes. I used to think I hated being a Virgo, but once I see how LOVE is our #1 goal and incentive , as we go SO DEEPLY AND INTELLIGENTLY BEYOND THE NORM TO CARE, I THINK OUR “””HEARTS”” (LOVE) COUNTS AND MATTERS BIG. And one is right when it’s said , “” one heartfelt compliment”” means more to our deep needy open soul,,,,than a hundred small comments anyway.

    Here’s to Virgo’s. LOVE is #1 in life, not greed, money, power, control, success. We are just “”””ALL HEART””””. HAPPY BIRTHDAY “”PREMATURELY””” TO ALL PREMIE VIRGO’ S and true Virgos’ the Virgins.

    Are we so clean, we become the easiest asthmatics, lo!!….lo!

    Anyways, Happy Birthday Mom, my Compatible friend, and to Virgos, Cancers, Scorpios, Pisces, and to all our compatible ftiends.

  22. I am a virgo .
    . I did not spend my life thinking about myself.
    I adopted 3 children and brought them up myself. i worked as a counselor helping low income families. and much more. I dont call this selfish

    • Who are you, Wonder Woman? No worries 😉 … not everyone has the same characteristics of others….even if they are the same sign. I’m giving you 1000 cool points for just having the guts to adopt!

  23. I’m a virgo woman & this so true & yes we get bored fast we spend alot of time prepare our pattern & don’t like that disturb sometimes we don’t know what we want

  24. So true , im dating a Virgo . At first he was addicted to me, but later became bored & he has trust issues. He is very moody , and is introverted. Nice , very clean, neat, protective but
    Its always about him and his needs. Im a libra so i can be moody too & i like my solitude . Im not needy and im very tolerant but my tolerance level is now almost wiped out .

  25. I’m dating one and it’s been hard but he is finally letting his guard down we been together for 8months

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