Guide to Manifesting Miracles

If you believe it to be so, it will be so! While it’s a nice idea to believe that we can manifest goodness in our lives, it can be challenging to practice manifesting miracles, also known as the law of attraction. Where do you begin? Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for some time, having a guide to follow can be helpful and that’s exactly what this video that we found for you offers.

To practice this miracle manifestation meditation, you can begin by finding a relaxing, quiet place to sit comfortably. Once you begin meditating, shift your focus through the different chakra points in your body, starting with your third eye chakra at the center of the forehead. Throughout this flow of focus, imagine a light entering you from the crown of your head and flowing through your chakra points.

Once the light has filled your body, you can begin imagining the manifestation you desire. Play it out in your mind and connect it with all your available senses. After you have visualized the scenario of your miracle, begin to channel the light back up through you and return it to the Universe. This marks the end of the meditation process. Congratulations! You have sent your manifested miracle into the world.

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