Soulvibe’s Astrological Philosophy

Soulvibe’s Astrological Philosophy
Soulvibe’s Astrological Philosophy

We’ve had a lot of conversations with our readers about how astrology works and what’s behind how we create your daily horoscope. We take the stance that the planets don’t control you. There’s no mojo magic, there’s no gravitational force, and there’s certainly no mysticism to it. You are a unique soul with free will. While your soul — the real you — does desire for you to be on your own unique path, there is no force of fate or destiny written in the stars that you can’t escape.

Rather, astrology is a synchronicity. A reflection. A universal language of collective consciousness archetypes. It is a map that can help guide you to reach your full potential, but like all maps, you’re free to choose not to follow it. In about 30 years of the study of the history of astrology, the practice, and the experience of teaching astrology, I have seen countless times when someone refused to learn a lesson in their astrological chart that may have helped them grow as a spiritual being or a better human. That’s their choice to not face something, to not learn, to not grow, or to choose their own direction. They might not be as fulfilled or happy or as successful reaching their full potential in some area of their lives, but they may still get by and continue to learn and grow in other ways. All things are a choice.

Planets do not control you.

Not even a little.

It cannot be used as a reason to excuse behaviors or actions. You can’t say, “I’m controlling because I’m a Capricorn horoscope sign,” or, “I have to seek revenge. I’m a Scorpio and won’t be happy otherwise,” and have that be valid. We’re not victims of archetypes. Instead, these things show us where our greatest potential may be and how we can use our personal vibe to be the most amazing, highest versions of ourselves. Still, while celestial signs in astrology very much reflects psychological tendencies and traits — perhaps even better than that quiz you took to see if you were an INTJ — it is your choice as to what to do with it.

Wait, What? But Science, Though!

When science and various skeptics contend that there is nothing that a planet can do to control you, they are right. We don’t disagree with them. The purpose of astrology is not to control you or to predict the future. Additionally, astrology hasn’t held up in controlled studies for a few very good reasons.

First, the interpretation is only as good as the astrologer. Humans are incredibly imperfect, even astrologers. Heck, we even argue amongst ourselves about how astrology works, which type of astrology is most accurate, what house systems are best, the true ruler of Virgo or whether points like Dark Moon Lilith are even really a thing. Make no mistake, Astrologers have been trolling one another since long before social media was invented; in fact, I’m pretty sure that before memes they argued via scrolls and tablets in Babylon and Sumeria, with human nature (and astrology) being what it is.

Second, this popular thought that there’s some sort of control over people by way of gravity or “something else” from the planets and luminaries is just as silly as it sounds. It has been shown over and over again to be bunk by science. A force would have to move through space and time. You wouldn’t see an immediate transit effect of Mercury crossing the top of an event chart if there was a “force” because it would take time for that influence to get to the Earth. If the Moon had a gravitational “force” over the water in your body like it does oceans, it would also control a swimming pool because a pool has more liquid mass than you do. You are not at the mercy of high tide any more than your full bathtub is.

Third, astrology isn’t really a great tool for hard predictions. Not only does the natural intuition of the astrologer make a difference, but each decision you make changes the future. Thanks to free will, nothing is ever set in stone.

Science even speculates that there is a multiverse, multiple parallel universes of different paths and choices. In such a system, while astrology or horoscopes can tell us about times in our lives where we may meet with different lessons, patterns, or growth — when a good vibe for work in a certain area of our lives is present — it is not a great tool for specific future divination or fortune telling. We’re simply not forced into a set in stone future beyond our control where our souls aren’t actively participating.

Astrologers would do well to stop trying to argue with the scientists over this stuff — especially now that there are clues to how it actually does work. Mysterious forces may have sounded like something real 3000 years ago, but it is far past time to stop holding onto a past that is easily dismissed as superstition. A force would have to move through space and time, as like any other kind of wave or light particle.

Astrology and Human Bias

Unrealistic beliefs like those mentioned above trigger unconscious confirmation bias. That kind of bias weaves its way into study design by scientists who begin with unconscious bias, and for individuals being tested. Some humans end up confirming anything they read as being an accurate depiction of their personalities. That is a little psychological trick called the Forer Effect (a.k.a. the Barnum Effect). This describes an adorable and confounding facet of human nature that when given vague information about personality traits, some people will see themselves in the description with simple subconscious suggestion. Things resonate with people sometimes because they will pick and choose the information that calls to them and dispose of the things that don’t jive with their own deeply seated confirmation bias, which causes them to sometimes identify with a description of a completely different person.

It is fascinating as a psychological process, but it gets in the way of meaningful studies.

So, Then, What Is Astrology?

Soulvibe focuses primarily on the scientific reality that everything has a vibration. While we simplify using terms like “raise your vibe,” that doesn’t really indicate a faster or slower vibration, but rather a state of being. All matter is made of atoms. Everything made of atoms is made of subatomic particles. They all have a vibration. All of these things, whether we’re talking about the light from a star bigger than the Sun or a microscopic creature, have a vibration. What’s more, we as conscious beings have some control over our vibe — even though it sometimes seems like we do not.

Science has shown not only that photons created at the same time from the same source seem to be able to “communicate” instantly across distances without regard to spacetime, but also that particles don’t seem to exist in a single form unless they are observed and measured.

Let that sink in for a second. Physicists — the best and brightest science guys with doctorates and years of training — have shown that these building blocks don’t fully exist until they are consciously observed. Think for a moment about what that says about the whole of reality. Einstein stumbled onto some of this stuff and decided it was too “spooky,” and that he must have been mistaken. Now, we know with further study that these kinds of behaviors by these tiny particles are very real (well, apparently as real as anything else is).

I’ve thought it through, over and over, and keep coming back to the same conclusion:

Consciousness created astrology.

Human consciousness? God? A creator? We don’t pretend to know those answers, but what we do know is that archetypes of human traits can’t exist without humans. We might ask ourselves, Is astrology real? Astrology, as we understand it at this point, therefore must be a creation of consciousness.

Astrology As A Valuable Tool

That doesn’t lessen its value as a useful tool, a language, a map, or make it less worthy of study. In fact, as a reflection of ourselves and our consciousness, that means it is even more worthy of study and understanding.

Skeptics often mention that planets we’ve only discovered in modern times, such as Uranus or Neptune, prove astrology doesn’t work. After all, how could it have been accurate before their discovery? How is it accurate now? We have discovered dwarf planets and other bodies like Eris, and Ceres, or the centaur Chiron, and there are other possible planets in our solar system — like the recent hypothetical/mathematical discovery of Planet X. What about the ones we don’t know about? How about bodies in other systems?

Okay, fair enough.

Perhaps each discovery will go on to further our understanding of human nature. It doesn’t disprove astrology. It simply nails down the fact that astrology is part of an observed reality. It is like finding pieces of an ever-evolving puzzle.

Uranus is the natural ruler of freedom and independence. It was discovered in the early 1780s, around the time of the American Revolution. It also has been linked to technology, and its discovery was at the dawn of the industrial age. Did Uranus cause those things?


But we discovered Uranus when it was needed to explain new human experiences on Earth. The discovery of the dwarf planet Eris is another great example of this. When we look back at the time it has spent in Aries, it coincides amazingly with the contemporary women’s movement from suffrage to busting glass ceilings to the #metoo movement.

A Better, More Authentic Horoscope

There are still many mysteries in our universe that remain undiscovered. Astrology may or may not have anything directly to do with quantum entanglement, but likely it is intertwined in a similar subatomic process. The studies on entanglement have to do with light particles. This synchronicity may be a similar process of atomic communication of other kinds of energy, matter or vibration. We are all connected.

We have to imagine it before we can discover it. We will someday understand the interconnectedness between our souls and the universe in a scientific and tangible way. Like all amazing discoveries about our reality, astrology is just one layer of many ways to gain insight into ourselves and the lives we live. The purpose of this life is joy. The road to joy is purpose. We can use this one universal reflection to help us shine light on another very personal one.

That is the higher calling for our daily horoscopes.

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