Chocolate: Deliciously Good Food for Your Body and Soul

Chocolate: Deliciously Good Food for Your Body and Soul
Chocolate: Deliciously Good Food for Your Body and Soul

Now, I’m an avid chocolate eater. If you offer me any sort of sweet with the word “chocolate” attached to it, I’m devouring it whole. I am so pro-chocolate that I decided to write an article about how good it is for you. It’s important to eat healthily, and chocolate is actually both delicious and beneficial. I mean, it’s totally good for your soul because it makes you feel happy. And dark chocolate, as long as you don’t overdo it, is beneficial to your body. It can help keep your heart healthy and lower high blood pressure. The only reason you shouldn’t eat chocolate is if you’re allergic to it (if so, I’m sorry bruh) or if you actually don’t like it (again, I’m so sorry if that’s the case).

The Goodness of Chocolate

Chocolate tastes really good (to most people), but it also can lift your mood, too. The caffeine and sugar content in chocolate increases the chemicals related to happiness and energy, which in turn makes us feel happy and perhaps just a little energetic. Specifically, the chemical serotonin can produce feelings of happiness.

Chocolate also has large levels of a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is a stimulant (raises heart rate and blood pressure) and makes us feel like we’re in love — no wonder chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple. Phenylethylamine can help calm us and relieves stress. Some psychologists say that eating chocolate fulfills our hedonistic impulses in a safe way, meaning it provides us pleasure and doesn’t cause us pain, which is why we feel happy when we eat chocolatey nom-noms. With all those increased feel-good chemicals and a dash of hedonism, chocolate is definitely good for the soul.

Dark Chocolate and Your Heart

Dark chocolate has a high content of cocoa, which has its own unique properties — including antioxidants, flavanols, and it benefits health in general. The antioxidants we get from dark chocolate fortify our cells’ defenses, helping us fight off bad cholesterol. That means our hearts benefit from dark chocolate! Another component of cocoa, flavanol, has antioxidant properties, and it seems to improve overall regulation blood flow which in turn lowers blood pressure. Dark chocolate has also been shown to help reduce weight, risk for diabetes, is good for our skin, and prevents memory decline. As it turns out, there are a ton of benefits to eating dark chocolate.

Delicious, good for the soul and your health, what’s not to love about chocolate? Okay, so chocolate in general can be good for elevating your mood and reducing stress, but for the best health benefits, you’ll want to eat dark chocolate — the higher the cocoa content, the more beneficial it is. Always remember that you deserve to be your happiest and healthiest self, so go eat some chocolate. Tell your friends. Use this as proof that you were right all along. We’ve got your back. Viva la chocolate!

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