Can Pets Change Your Life?

Can Pets Can Change Your Life?
Can Pets Can Change Your Life?

Disney got it right when they decided every princess must have an animal companion. Sure, taking on the responsibility of a pet can seem like a hassle to someone who has never had one, but having a pet around to love is actually pretty amazing. Whether you love furry friends, scaly critters, or feathered fowls, having a pet can help raise your vibe by keeping you happy and healthy.


Unless you have a flaming hell-demon disguised as a pet, being a pet owner will bring you happiness. Pets can lower our stress, improve our overall mood, and help us socialize. Our pets comfort us when we’re stressed. It is so awesome to have someone truly happy to see you each day.


Also, pets can be comical, making us laugh and improving our mood that way. And of course, people love animals so if you’re taking a walk with your pet iguana, you’ll likely meet people who want to talk to you. You may even meet your soulmate! Additionally, pet owners tend to be less lonely and have higher self-esteem than people who don’t have pets. This isn’t surprising, since pets tend to become our family, friends, and confidants for us pet owners. In short, being a pet owner helps us lead happy lives.

Physical Health

Beyond emotional health, pets have a lot of physical health benefits. In fact, owning a pet can help us by increasing our cardiovascular health and strengthening our immune system. Some pets (not fish) need us to take them out for runs and help them burn off their extra energy, which in turn helps us to stay active.


Growing up with pets also helps prevent allergies and asthma. Being exposed to pets at an early age gets us used to their dander and dirt, which makes our immune systems stronger. Those with Alzheimer’s experience fewer anxious outbursts if they have a pet companion. High blood pressure and heart disease are also decreased in pet owners. Young, old, and any age in between — having a pet can keep you physically healthy.

Raising Your Vibe

Being a pet owner means you’ll have the potential to be happier and healthier throughout your life, and these two factors help keep your vibe high. If you don’t have a pet, you might look into getting one. It doesn’t have to be a dog, cat, or fish. There are plenty of bird, rodent and reptilian pets you can choose from. Love thy pet, and thy pet will love you, and benefit you in more ways than you may realize.


If you do want to get a pet, please check out your nearby humane societies, shelters, rescues or other pet adoption places before you even think about going to a pet store. For the sake (and love) of animal pets everywhere, adopt. Don’t shop.