A Speedy Self-Massage for Stress

You may not always have time during a busy day to stop, drop, and do an hour of yoga or a relaxing meditation. You may have to keep it moving even as stress mounts because you have a fully, busy life with all the responsibilities that come with it. While you’d love a spa day or the luxury of an uninterrupted bubble bath, you just might not have the time or energy to squeeze it in.

No worries! There’s a quick massage you can do from your desk, at work or at home, to send a calming message to your vagus nerve, a nerve in your body that has been associated with mental health. You can do this simple exercise in your car, while walking from Point A to Point B, or even during that phone call you’ve been putting off. You don’t need special equipment or training. You just need your ears. Listen up and calm down with this speedy self-massage technique that we found on the web just for you!

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