4 Ways to Trust Your Gut

You know that gut feeling that tells you to run? The one that you sometimes ignore because you just don’t want to hear it? You know the one. You usually recall it later when discussing with your friends how you knew better than to date that person or take that job.

Intuition is powerful, and everyone has it. Some people trust it, other people question it, and then you’ve got that group who will ignore it entirely no matter how much it hurts them in the long run. It’s very likely you’ve been a member of each of these groups at some point in time.

If you want to trust your gut, there are actions you can take to cultivate stronger intuition. It takes practice like anything else. If you want to learn to trust your gut and make a few decisions that don’t require learning the hard way, you’re in the right place. Check out this video from Marie Forleo that we found for you online, and see just how much you can trust your own intuition.

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