3 Ways to Know You’re an Empath

3 Ways to Know You’re an Empath
3 Ways to Know You’re an Empath

The word empath may get thrown around a lot, but it actually describes a deep energetic connection some have with those around them. Empaths are hyper intuitive, feeling the emotions and energies of others. While empathy brings the gift of understanding, it can also be overwhelming. Do you think this describes you?

Here’s three ways to know if you’re an empath:

You Just Know

Have you ever been talking to someone and known something about them that they’ve never told you? Do you often ‘just know’ things about other people, maybe even things that you shouldn’t?

Being an empath goes beyond gut feelings and picking up on general details. It can involve cutting to the very core of who a person is.

People Call You A Free Spirit

Many empaths are naturally drawn to self expression and travel. The intimate way they experience other people makes them talented writers, actors, musicians, and more. Empaths are famous for their creative streak and wild imaginations. They often feel connected to the earth as a whole, and want to experience as much of it as possible, going wherever the wind takes them.

You Feel The Pain Of Others

Some empaths can literally feel the pain of others. This can include both emotional pain and physical pain, and even the symptoms of some illnesses. If empaths are not careful, others can easily drain them of energy, and they can absorb all sorts of negative vibrations. Other people are all too happy to unload their problems on the empath. This is why many empaths require a lot of alone time to recharge and feel balanced.

Empaths are creative, intuitive types that have a lot to offer the world around them. While it can be hard for them to stay grounded and happy, empaths have a unique gift.