What Is Reiki?

The idea of an energy healing technique can seem a little out there for some people. Are you one of them? Before you dismiss this practice as a weird pseudoscience, you should know that researchers have found that reiki may create a sense of peace, relaxation, safety, and a positive impact on overall wellness. While it’s full impact hasn’t yet been ascertained, studies suggest that Reiki has proven helpful to many.

Some feel that Reiki may treat many ailments and conditions, but it’s not intended to replace traditional treatments. It’s been used in palliative care, for anxiety and depression, for chronic pain, for those with cancer, for Parkinson’s disease, and even for general stress relief. It is said to even help with injury and surgery recovery. So, we found a video online to help you learn all about it!

So … you may be wondering what it actually is and how it works. Could this healing technique help you? Watch this short video to learn about Reiki and its many benefits.

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