12 Fantastic Things About The Libra Personality

3 Fantastic Things About The Libra Personality
3 Fantastic Things About The Libra Personality

Libras are known for being logical and fair, seeking balance in everything they do. Don’t ask them where they want to go for dinner because they hate making decisions. Despite this tendency toward indecision, Libras are amongst the most quietly charming of signs. There’s a lot going on beneath that diplomatic Libra demeanor. These are 12 secrets hiding behind almost every Libra’s calm attitude.

Libras Never Forget

Libras often seek the middle path, doing their best to please everyone and make situations go smoothly. Often, Libras will put their own feelings or thoughts last in order to smooth over an argument, regardless of whether they actually agree with the other party. While Libras are amongst the most forgiving of the signs, they are not dumb. Even if they forgive you, they will never forget what you’ve done, and even their patience has its limits.

While Libras value peace, they also balance that with a strong sense of justice. If you’re in the wrong and don’t ‘fess up to it, they’ll be keeping a tally. It could mean that they trust you less, or they could assume the worst in future interactions. It’s best to play it straight with Libras because their memories could rival an elephant’s. They do avoid conflict, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let you get away with wronging them. They could just ghost you without saying a word because they know you know they know. You know?

Libras Seek Deeper Relationships

Libras don’t want fast friends and flings by the dozens. They want intimate and meaningful relationships, but that doesn’t mean they are desperate for them. In fact, Libras are willing to wait as long as it takes and are in no hurry at all. All things come in good time for careful Libras, who would rather make the right decision and have the right relationships than make a fast move. This could be frustrating for potential partners, but Libra would rather choose slowly than have to start over later because they made a mistake.

Libras could lose interest with shallow conversation and small talk. They’ll get bored and likely wander off to look for a better conversationalist if all you want to talk about is work or the weather. They have a quick wit and excellent sense of humor and want conversations with people who can keep up with them. They’ll be more likely to ask the deeper questions of potential partners, friends, and even casual acquaintances. They don’t care as much about what you do as who you are inside. They want to know all the skeletons in your closet – and can sometimes be guilty of sharing them. They love gossip, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted. If they value the relationship, they’ll make a special effort not to dish out the secrets you served up.

Libras Keep Their Thoughts To Themselves

While some signs want you to know and appreciate exactly how smart or wonderful they are, Libras play things a little closer to the chest. These switched on and immensely clever star children almost always know more than they let on. They are constantly observing everything around them and are often excellent at reading people. If a Libra chooses to give you advice, you should definitely hear them out. They give some of the best advice of any Zodiac sign.

Libras see all sides of every argument. They are often thoughtful, but they won’t share what they’re thinking with everyone. They choose their timing, but anyone in a radius to hear them should listen up when they weigh in with their opinion. It will be carefully considered and likely backed by research, with citations and all. It’s impressive how fair and analytical Libras are – unless, that is, you choose to take the side arguing against them.

Libras Are Excellent Mediators

If you find yourself in an argument you can’t resolve, look for the nearest Libra. They make excellent mediators. Their ability to think critically and see every side to an argument can make it difficult for them to choose what they want to eat, but it works well for wading into conflicts and seeing what’s right. They know how to use their diplomacy and tact to sort out any situation. This doesn’t mean they’re not judgmental. They just know how to multitask. They can judge you and help you solve your problems at the same time. They’re good at it, too.

Of course, sometimes this means telling everyone what they want to hear to make the conflict go away. Still, Libra’s advice often goes straight to the heart of the matter and rings true. Listen up, or live to regret it! In fact, don’t be surprised if Libra asks you if you want to be right or you want to make peace? Stubborn signs won’t get this logic, but Libras see the wisdom in it.

Libras Make Friends Everywhere

Charming and social Libra can make friends anywhere. On the bus, in line at the store, and even waiting in line for a busy bathroom. They are curious about people and enjoy chatting them up so don’t be surprised if they run into the store for bread and come out with a new best friend. They can’t help being so charming!

This is one of this star sign’s most loveable qualities. They don’t believe in having too many friends, and they collect them wherever they go. They’re great at networking and building a strong support system. Even though they have a ton of friends, they will make every single person they’re talking to feel like the only person in the whole world.

Libras Could Bring About World Peace

Libras are idealistic and have a keen sense of justice. Put in charge, they could bring about world peace. They don’t just talk the talk. They look for ways to make the world a better place. If you spend time with them, they could have you believing their vision and looking for ways to do your part.

This is such a beautiful thing about Libras. While they’re not the only celestial sign that values justice, they are easily one of the most diplomatic and peace-loving signs. They hate war, conflict, and discord. Their slogans are “Can’t we all just get along?” and “This is why we can’t have nice things.” They don’t get why anyone would waste their time fighting when they could be living in peace. If we’d just let them run things, they’d be sure to sort them out in no time!

Libras Love Love

You may have noticed that the Libra in your life loves to be in love. They just love love, period. They’re fans of romance, and they’ll happily sigh anytime they read about relationship goals. Honestly, it’s one of their more endearing qualities. Libras are the physical embodiment of that emoji with heart eyes.

They can be sappy, but that doesn’t mean they need a relationship to be happy. They just need love in their lives, and they know they can source that from family, friends and even pets – not just partners. It won’t wreck their view of romance even if they don’t have any. Even a bad breakup won’t shake their unshakeable belief in the power of true love.  They’ll also be sure to shower their love on anyone and everyone in their lives. If a Libra loves you, you will absolutely know it.

Libras See the Best in Everyone

Of the 12 Zodiac signs, Libras stand out for always seeing the best in everyone. This is pretty impressive when you consider that they have excellent judgment and can see right through people. They just don’t dwell on the negative even when they notice it. They are the eternal optimists of the astrological signs, and they see the good because they look for the good. It’s probably why they’re so easy to befriend.

Because they see the best in everyone, sometimes Libras get the wool pulled over their eyes. It’s not right, but there are always people willing to take advantage of the world’s lovers and optimists. That’s okay though. Libra will be sure to take note of anyone who plays them for a fool. They’re unlikely to get a chance to do it twice. Libras would rather occasionally be fooled if it means they get to keep seeing the world as a beautiful, loving place with the potential for peace.

Libras Make the World More Beautiful

This star sign makes the world more beautiful just by being in it. Libras value beauty. They see it in art, in nature, and in other people. Because they worship beauty, they often put a lot of effort into their physical opinions. This doesn’t mean they’re vain. They just want to look as good as they feel, and they care about appearances.

They’ll also likely apply this love of beauty to the spaces they occupy. Don’t be surprised if their entire office is a whole aesthetic or their homes look like something that could grace the cover of design magazines. They have the special touch for making everything lovelier than it was before.

Libras Are Great Listeners

Libras are often accused of being big gossips – and to be fair, that’s often true – but they’re also great listeners. How do you think they got all that gossip in the first place? Their listening skills are legendary, and it’s one of the things we love most about this astrological sign. They pay attention. And when they’re listening to you, you’ll have their undivided attention.

You’ll know the Libra in your life was listening when they give you the most perfect, thoughtful gift. They’re just good like that. They pay careful attention, and they have so much empathy that they don’t just hear you; they get you. They know what makes you tick, and they appreciate you for who you are. If you need a listening ear, you can’t get luckier than with a Libra.

Libras Are Loyal

Too often, Libras are painted as flighty social butterflies who aren’t reliable. That’s simply not true! Libras are deeply loyal to the people who matter to them. They carefully select their inner circle, and while they have tons of friends, only a few will make the cut to be admitted into their circle of eternal love and trust.

Libras can absolutely be flighty at times, but they’ll still show up for a friend in need. They’re so loyal and have such a deep sense of justice that they may even wade in to try to fight your battles for you. They feel everything deeply, and if they care about you, you’ll know you can depend on them to have your back.

Libras Love Compliments

If you want to worm your way into the heart of Libras, offer genuine compliments as often as possible. They care about their appearance and love when you compliment them on how they look. This makes them sound vain, but they actually just have healthy self-esteem and enjoy feeling good about themselves. They may even be the friend who posts selfie after selfie. It’s not because they have a big ego, but simply because they enjoy looking as good as they feel and sharing that with the people in their lives.

Just don’t try to manipulate them with compliments you don’t actually mean. Libras can be sneaky. On the outside, they’re the picture of calm diplomacy, but on the inside, they’re taking notes. If they sense you’re just telling them what they want to hear, you may find yourself sitting on the outside of their inner circle before you even know what hit you. Offer a true compliment, and it will warm their loving hearts. Offer a false one, and live to regret it.

Libras have layers they’ll be happy to show you if you prove you can be trusted. They have big hearts and want peaceful happy lives above all else. This caring star sign just wants us all to get along. Their quiet charm and love of balance are qualities you notice right away. If you’re patient, you’ll be sure to see these secrets – and likely many more.

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