Planets and Houses and Signs

Planets and Houses and Signs
Planets and Houses and Signs

Most people know their “Sign”, it’s the one you read for your daily horoscope.

This is the Sign that the Sun was in when you were born. As it takes a approximately a year for the Earth to go around the Sun, from our perspective the Sun is in each of the twelve Signs for about a month. The astrological year begins on the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries, and so the time the Sun spends in each sign is roughly from the 21st until the 20th of each month.

While the Sun gets a hefty weight of importance in modern astrology, it is only one part of a much larger picture. All people have certain traits associated with all of the signs, planets, and houses in astrology somewhere in their life and consciousness; everyone’s personal make-up is as unique as their natal chart. So, you and a close friend may have the same Sun
Sign, but may still be different in many ways!

Learning more about astrology can not only be interesting, but it can also help you on your search for a deeper and more rewarding understanding of yourself and others.

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  1. Hi doreen i feel it is all instringically linked. I watched a very interesting programme called zeigeist. Jesus being the portration of the age of pisces. Really intruiging…definately worth watching. Id like to think im a believer of all and that every part of spiriuality and religion are valid pieces of a much larger puzzle yet to be put together. X

  2. Hi Christina,
    Your description of yourself reminds me of myself.
    I too have a certain intuitive trait, yet I’ve also been taken advantage of because I ignore it.
    It’s not because I don’t trust what comes up it’s because I try to give others the benefit of doubt.
    I don’t see that as nieve or gullible.
    What I do see it as is trust.
    I believe in God and all the Angels & no matter how much I may make imperfect choices or bad decisions,I know I am Blessed.
    I forgive myself and others.
    Trying to learn all the aspects of my traits is not evil.
    We are interconnected to everything God made! This includes astrology!
    What does this include?
    Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Mother Earth and everything on Her!
    God made it All! Evilness comes from
    ignorance and the unwillingly to accept the unknown.
    I am a part of All, We are apart of All. Everything is relevant.

  3. God created heaven’s n earth. He created everything to work in harmony n balance. If man would stop playing God n start having respect for every thing that’s alive….the universe would go on forever. But as usual man has to screw with everything.

    • If MAN had never SCREWED with ANYTHING… We’d still be back in the trees.
      Growth is GOOD and impossible to stop (thank goddess!)
      It’s up to US…YES U&ME and everyone alive to try and ensure that the SCREWING WITH that happens is POSITIVE and Empowering for the whole Human Race. I realise that this can often be difficult to get done but Hey what’s the alternative… just sitting back and watching as those who DON’T HAVE ANY SPIRIT OR SOUL destroy all the POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES WE as a species have in SPADES?

  4. I’ve always been fascinantes with astrology and other things like ghosts, spirits and so forth. My dad, Who is a preacher taught me to always research things but to always remember things sometimes are just unexplainable in our worldly vocabulary.

  5. Hi Christina, my name is Doreen, thanks for sharing, I love astrology, I dont think its evil at all, an I too truly love god an im also inlove with Jesus, some.people think its evil it can be if they think that way, but when you got god an Jesus an the angels theres no evil, astrology helps us ..all the best to you…


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