Were You Born “On the Cusp”?

Were You Born On the Cusp?
Were You Born On the Cusp?

If you were born on the first or last few days of Sun Sign, it’s very likely you’ve heard people tell you that you’re “on the cusp” more than a few times. While this popular belief has caught on, it actually comes from a big misunderstanding! The Sun Sign “cusp” myth was created in the 20th century as newspaper horoscopes became popular — it doesn’t have an actual basis in ancient astrological history at all. It was an easy way to explain to beginners why they might not have the personality traits of a single sign. Here’s what’s really going on.

I Might Be An Aries, But I Don’t Act Like One…

While those who consider themselves “on the cusp” may not relate much to their sign on the surface, this is actually not that uncommon. While people use cusps to explain away why people may not be exactly like their signs, there is actually a far deeper reason for that in the stars. You see, no one is only a Capricorn or only a Scorpio. Everyone has all 12 signs somewhere in their astrological makeup.

Think Beyond The Sun

While your Sun Sign is important for understanding core truths about yourself and your overall sense of self, this is just one part of large picture written in the skies. Other planets come into play in large and small ways. One planet, for example, is Mercury. This planet is near the sun and represents our thought processes and communications. Mercury can often be ahead or behind the sun when switching signs, which can reflect a difference in the way you internalize information and express your thoughts and feelings about it.

Progressions Are Key

The moment you are born you start learning, and you never stop. While you keep your astrological makeup, which is based on the time and location of your birth, throughout your life, you change as you learn. Your chart progresses to show these lessons and your spiritual growth. Your progressed chart can often give you insight into how you’re grown and changed over time.

The astrological term “cusp” actually relates to the division between houses in a natal chart. Astrologers have found that there is no lag in energy between signs. The best way to understand the complexities of astrology in relation to your path is to have a natal chart cast for your exact time and place of birth. There are a lot of free options for this online!

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