The Astrological Sun

The Astrological Sun
The Astrological Sun

The absolute best place to start your journey to learn more about yourself and the world around you through astrology is by learning to understand the Sun. The Sun in astrology is called a Luminary. There are just two Luminaries in our Western Astrology, the other one is the Moon. The Luminaries behave like planets – they describe actions or active universal human traits – but are given a little extra weight in how they are expressed by an individual and interpreted by an astrologer. The Sun and Moon are very powerful symbols, and having a deep understanding of them can help anyone understand your own self, mind, and spirituality a little better. So, let’s take a closer look at the Sun and what it means to the astrologer and to you.

Understanding the Sun in Astrology

The Sun, of course, is the Luminary around which contemporary horoscopes are built. Most everyone today knows the sign that the Sun was in at the time of their birth. In astrology, the Sun represents a person’s ego, spirit, or self. It is traditionally considered a masculine energy, as it has to do with assertion, being the hero (or the super-villain) in your own story, and your potential.

Most of Western Astrology today is based in ancient Greek and Roman mythology and religion. In those myths, the Sun is attached to Sol Indiges and Sol Invictus on the Roman side and to Helios and Apollo in the Greek myths. In both cultures – who worshiped very similar and corresponding gods, often based on the Planets, Luminaries, and Stars in the sky they had named – the gods of the Sun were the most powerful. Therefore, the Sun had a great importance in the astrological forecasts they would create.

Today, We use astrology a little differently than the ancients. Astrologers and psychologists who use astrology as a self-help and personal discovery tool see a correspondence between how a person’s psychological ego and sense of self generally reflect the Sign where the Sun was at birth. While there are other details that make everyone’s expression of their Sun Sign as unique as the individual – such as aspects to the Sun by other Planets – the Sun itself gives a great deal of information to the astrologer and astrology student about what drives themselves and those around them.

What Does the Sun Mean to You?

Remember, the Sun has to do with the Ego, which will change through life and adjust as a person grows, changes, and learns.

You see, even though roughly 1/12th of the population will have the same Sun Sign, there are as many ways it can be expressed, reflecting each person’s individuality. Also, as mentioned above, certain things like Aspects and Houses will also change the way someone experiences being, say, a Cancer or an Aries. Also, because the Moon and Planets are important in each person’s own astrological make-up, that further changes how the Sun will show itself.

Remember, the Sun has to do with the Ego, which will change through life and adjust as a person grows, changes, and learns. It also has to do with potential, and we can all be accused now and then of not living up to our own personal potential.

So, for a great example: let’s have a look at Sun in Scorpio. Scorpio is known to be deeply passionate about, well, pretty much everything from their breakfast food to their special interests to their partners or career. The lower end of Scorpio can be jealous, petty, possessive, vengeful, or brooding. The symbol for the constellation for which it is named is a scorpion, and the sting from an angry Scorpio can be swift and painful. However, you can also imagine a Scorpio as a Phoenix. The potential of Scorpio is powerful, compassionate, insightful, regenerative, transformative; using their passions to rise above the vengeful underside of these drives to create a better world around them.

Understanding your Sun Sign can help you identify the potentially positive traits and lead you to strive to realize them in your own life. The Sun gives you the drive and determination to reach your best self. Being in touch with and being aware of how you manifest both the higher and lower energies of the Sun Sign can help you live a more fulfilled and more purposeful life.

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