How to Appreciate, Not Appropriate, in Your Spiritual Practice

If you’re all about living a high-vibing, spiritual life, the last thing you want is to be unintentionally hurtful. Yet, it’s possible that you might be appropriating other cultures without even knowing it. Cultural appropriation is when people adopt aspects of someone else’s culture in a way that exploits, stereotypes, disrespects, or erases that culture.

Sadly, this is common in many spiritual and mindfulness practices, even when it isn’t intentional. Let’s take a look at how to appreciate without appropriating, so you can keep your vibe high and do no harm.

  • Learn about a culture from someone who comes from that tradition. For instance, take a yoga class from a Desi instructor.
  • Don’t profit from a culture that isn’t yours.
  • Research any aspect of your spirituality that don’t originate in your own culture. For instance, if you use mala beads, learn about where these come from and how to respectfully use them.
  • Don’t cherry pick parts of a culture and leave behind the things you don’t like.
  • Educate others. Make sure you talk about the the origins of your practice in a way that doesn’t stereotype and instead appreciates.

Keep your vibe high by practicing appreciation, not appropriation. Perhaps the biggest rule is this: if another culture tells you something is disrespectful, believe them. You’ll keep your spiritual practices rooted in love, and you just might find a better way to be an enlightened, kind human.

We have included the video above from Youtubber Asha D. Ramakrishna so that you can learn more!

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