2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t

2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t
2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t

Pisces are amongst the most sensitive and often hard to read signs. These dreamy and free spirited signs are deeply sweet, and eat, drink, and sleep creative energy. While the deeply emotional Pisces can be a lot to take in, they love to help others however they can. Here are some likes and dislikes that will resonate with many born under this sign.

Pisces Love Artistic Expression

Pisces are often creative types with a deep appreciation for all that is artistic and genuine. Many are talented themselves with an eye for design, and this carries into numerous aspects of their lives. Whether a Pisces is a painter, musician, writer, or dancer themselves or not, their artistic eye will be seen throughout their home and wardrobe choices. They express themselves with style, and value it highly in others.

Pisces Love To Help

While Pisces can become wrapped up in their own daydreams, their deeply felt emotions don’t stop with their own experiences. Pisces cannot help but become emotionally involved when their friends and loved ones are upset. Their open, empathetic natures make them excellent listeners in times of heartache and crisis. Pisces will hear you out without judgement and offer love and acceptance readily.

Pisces Hate Stagnation

Many signs love routine, and need a well established order to their day in order to feel secure and productive. Routine is death to Pisces, who need a life of constant variety and surprise in order to feel truly comfortable and happy. Variety isn’t just the spice of life for many Pisces, but the meat and potatoes too. Pisces have no interest in doing what other people have done before.


  1. That’s mostly true of ME! I am such a typical Pisces. My sister, however, born seven years later on the same day, is not🤔

    • And you must think you’re awesome and perfect even tho your comment makes you seem like a real bitch ass m.f….lol
      How bout this; fuck off and grow up.

  2. Shit they think they are always right,can tell their thoughts and feelings and yours cuz what you say means nothing it’s what they say that’s important.nice yes giving yes but you must obey ,don’t look for much fun cuz they are all serious

    • Thats cuz we seriously are right and know shit all the time. Sometimes, however, we feel everyone all the time so it gets mixed up. But pisces dont talk about shit they dont know about…thats how you know they’re right. Two tricks of a pisces lie is… 1. They’ll say “i was reading an artical about….”….No they didnt. Thats opinion but they cant (wont) be wrong so they use “read an article about” as a scapegoat if YOU actually know stuff about what they are trying to influence you with…And 2. Ask them if they just lied. They’ll tell you cuz they cant lie. (Actually,they lie soooo well that they wont do it cuz they dont like deception toward themselves and “knows how it feels” In cases of protection though…themselves or those they care about…you’re never going to figure that shit out. So ask yourself why they are protecting themselves from you? What negativity did you display firstly? Also…I care about what everyone says to me. What you need to understand is that weve felt it all…thought every scenerio out… All of it….so if you say something and we answer with absolutes….its because the options were weighed before you opened your mouth. ….You’ll know you are right when they finally just say “I agree” (im trolling and I dont give a shit really….not about anything but me and mine and my dreams…cuz you dont take your paycheck to the grave….) its okay to eat fish cuz they dont have any feelings.

    • Thanks for sticking up for us pisceans, anonymous must have met a bad one…..which I have never met yet. Everyone else I know are as caring an thoughtful as I am!! Sometimes I help too much, which can ultimately put me in a bind, but I’ve always believed ” Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you” I figure, if I’ve got it and you need it, then it’s yours. Ya know what goes around, comes around.

  3. I must say Pisces are very nice people. And they do like to help others.But they are real serious dreamers. They act like reality isn’t a term at all. They live from one day to the next and don’t save. As soon as they get it it’s gone. If you are a truthful person and tell it how u feel. There sign isn’t for u. If you want to have something in life and don’t want to live from paycheck to paycheck. Or always be the responsible one in the relationship or marriage. Please run from this sign

    • Yes… If you want your pinewood box lined with your possessions when you die…. Please run the fuck away from us…. We fill ours with what matters..Life is about the energy creating conscience thought over how one feels towards experiences….not the distractions of a paycheck. Learn to live poor and happy instead of rich and miserable. There are billions of people in this world so why should I be responsible for shit? These laws and social norms were in place before our birth…AND they once someones dreams first ….Help them realize their dreams by not putting them down for them or running from them and ….you get rich and happy. BOOM.

    • Omg, bashers on Pisces!

      Yes because you can take it all with you! Why save it with interest rates and banks and paying taxes AGAIN and thefts etc etc, why ENJOY it while we are still breathing? Lets save it all for the day I am dead so I enjoy nothing! (sarcasm)

      Oh we dream too much (at least we still have the ability to dream) and we are flakey (its called adaptability, changing courses in the waters and streams of life… ya know, like a fish?)

      Amazing how people want to point out the flaws of Pisces but when it boils down to it, the flaws of other signs are MUCH worse.

      At least this Pisces female isn’t a drama whore. She doesn’t steal. Don’t lie because its HORRIBLE! Truth hurts? No… betrayal and broken trust HURTS!

      And I am a single mom, RESPONSIBLE and DEPENDABLE.

      Psh. Jealous of fish much?

    • Oh my goodness you hit that right on point seriously. I am married to one and thats what i am going though right now. I wish i had known this along time ago. I would have stayed away away.

    • I totally DISAGREE with that….i was always then responsible one…..working 2 jobs, keeping a house and car while raising 4 children while my man was always out of town working and not sending home a dime…

  4. At Kathy? Pieces are patient individuals they refuse to judge or jump into conclusions rather that have the tendency of knowing what they want and can place themself in situations they can get out this, they hold power to partake failures and are fully prepared for all outcome. They run the show and refuse to be stopped.

  5. What makes a Pisces keep going back to an ex that just uses him and doesn’t want him? When will he learn it will never work and she doesn’t want him?

  6. This descriptive portrait of the Pisces attributes are totally accurately so on point that is mind blowing in terms of who and what I really am

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  8. I am a Pisces and I resent your offensive remarks! There is good and bad in everyone so hopefully the good shines while the bad takes a back seat.

    • Thanks Ron. Idk why this guy is bashing us so bad, what a jerk….wonder what sign he is, I’ll make sure I never get involved with that sign.

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