2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t

2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t
2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t

Pisces are amongst the most sensitive and often hard to read signs. These dreamy and free spirited signs are deeply sweet, and eat, drink, and sleep creative energy. While the deeply emotional Pisces can be a lot to take in, they love to help others however they can. Here are some likes and dislikes that will resonate with many born under this sign.

Pisces Love Artistic Expression

Pisces are often creative types with a deep appreciation for all that is artistic and genuine. Many are talented themselves with an eye for design, and this carries into numerous aspects of their lives. Whether a Pisces is a painter, musician, writer, or dancer themselves or not, their artistic eye will be seen throughout their home and wardrobe choices. They express themselves with style, and value it highly in others.

Pisces Love To Help

While Pisces can become wrapped up in their own daydreams, their deeply felt emotions don’t stop with their own experiences. Pisces cannot help but become emotionally involved when their friends and loved ones are upset. Their open, empathetic natures make them excellent listeners in times of heartache and crisis. Pisces will hear you out without judgement and offer love and acceptance readily.

Pisces Hate Stagnation

Many signs love routine, and need a well established order to their day in order to feel secure and productive. Routine is death to Pisces, who need a life of constant variety and surprise in order to feel truly comfortable and happy. Variety isn’t just the spice of life for many Pisces, but the meat and potatoes too. Pisces have no interest in doing what other people have done before.

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