9 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 3 Things They Don’t

2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t
2 Things Every Pisces Loves, And 1 Thing They Don’t

Pisces are amongst the most sensitive and often hard-to-read signs. These dreamy and free-spirited signs are deeply sweet, and eat, drink, and sleep creative energy. While the deeply emotional Pisces can be a lot to take in, they love to help others however they can. Here are some likes and dislikes that will resonate with many born under this sign.

Pisces Love Artistic Expression

Pisces are often creative types with a deep appreciation for all that is artistic and genuine. Many are talented themselves with an eye for design, and this carries into numerous aspects of their lives. Whether Pisces is a painter, musician, writer, or dancer themselves or not, their artistic eye will be seen throughout their home and wardrobe choices. They express themselves with style and value it highly in others.

This artistic gift can help Pisces see the beauty in everyday life. These sensitive souls are ever-aware of the aesthetic around them. You can expect them to quietly exit chaotic, stressful, or bland environments in favor of locations with more artistic appeal. They’re likely to infuse their homes, offices, cars, and any other spaces with vitality and pizzazz, and they just might be the go-to style guru in the lives of their friends and family.

Pisces Love To Help

While Pisces can become wrapped up in their own daydreams, their deeply felt emotions don’t stop with their own experiences. Pisces cannot help but become emotionally involved when their friends and loved ones are upset. Their open, empathetic natures make them excellent listeners in times of heartache and crisis. Pisces will hear you out without judgment and offer love and acceptance readily. They’ll just as easily offer a helping hand when needed. It makes them feel good to know they are needed and valued.

Pisces’ deep sensitivity can feel like a blessing and a curse. To maintain their inner peace, Pisces need strong boundaries and a solid self-care plan to take care of their own emotional well-being. They will wholeheartedly support the ones they love and even offer assistance to strangers, but it’s important that this is balanced with breaks, solitude, and a separation of their emotional health from those around them.

Pisces Love Their Intuitive Gifts

While Pisces may not be able to predict your future, they can often be so empathetic and emotionally aware that they seem psychic. While they may be more in tune with energetic subtleties, the truth is that they are excellent at reading the room and sensing what other people want and need. Their sensitivity can seem uncanny at times, but their tender hearts seek to use this gift to help others see their truth.

At times, this can create discomfort when they see a difficult truth that their loved ones aren’t yet ready to embrace. Yet, Pisces has the wisdom to wait, to hold space, and support those they love even if they need to learn the hard way. Pisces have learned to listen to their inner knowing, heed their deepest intuition, and uncover their highest good. They may not be able to give you the winning lottery numbers, but they’ll likely offer you wonderful insight into your problems.

Pisces Love to Trust Others

It’s true that Pisces can be, at times, far too trusting. Their deep intuition tells them that not everyone is worthy of their trust, and yet they simply love offering others the benefit of the doubt. They love trusting people and hope that others will honor the trust they’ve shown. Their ability to easily offer trust can make more pragmatic star signs nervous, but Pisces sees trust as a calculated risk and intentional kindness.

Pisces is no one’s fool. It’s not that they believe everyone is honest and dependable. They just choose to see the best in everyone and offer their trust with an open heart, not a blind eye. Pisces is capable of seeing human frailty more so than perhaps any other sign, but their big hearts are equally capable of extending their trust even knowing it could be broken. They would rather live full lives trusting that people are basically good than to be bitter and distrustful of the world around them. With that being said, it’s unwise to betray them. Their trust is a gift, and they expect you to be properly appreciative by honoring it.

Pisces Love To Give Second Chances

Pisces is one of the more forgiving signs. While they are notoriously moody, they are capable of forgiving time and time again. They simply love giving second chances and allowing people to redeem themselves. This emotional sign understands the power and grace of forgiveness and extends it often.

Their deep intuition and compassion for others likely create this forgiving spirit. Pisces accepts that human beings are capable of screwing up royally and often. Hey, even Pisces can mess up sometimes. This is why they love to offer those second, third, and maybe even fourth chances. It’s not that they’re gullible–far from it! They just have beautiful hearts who believe that everyone should be given a fresh start to do better next time.

This doesn’t, however, mean that every person is given unlimited chances. In fact, Pisces can write off someone who betrays them as quickly as any other sign. However, they do believe in sincere apologies, human failings, and honest mistakes. Just don’t try to play them. This celestial Fish can get pretty salty if you try to cross them.

Pisces Love Open Minds

You’ll often find Pisces in the company of other open-minded people. Closed-minded, judgmental gossip will have this star sign running for the hills. They have no interest in low-vibing chatter about other people. In fact, this celestial sign is known to have an inquiring open mind.

They love it when you show them your weird, your wacky, and your deeply authentic selves. They don’t care for masks that hide the real you. They’d much rather hear all about the random things that make you happy than discuss the weather or the latest celebrity news. They find other people fascinating, and they just don’t have a judgmental bone in their bodies.

This open-minded sign could have you spilling your deepest secrets. Pisces won’t break your trust, and they won’t judge you for what you tell them either. This sign’s open mind sees the big picture, and you can tell them anything without expecting them to be shocked by it. Little shocks this intuitive sign.

Pisces Love to Give

If you know and love Pisces, you’ve likely noticed that of the 12 Zodiac signs, they are one of the most generous. They enjoy giving to others. Even if they don’t have huge financial resources, they’ll happily donate their time, energy, and attention to good causes and to other people.

When intuition meets generosity, you get a dynamic combination for gift-giving. You may have already noticed that gifts from Pisces are often thoughtful and heartfelt. They use their artistry and style along with their ability to read others to come up with the perfect present. They don’t wait for major holidays to give them either. Their generosity is a year-round benefit of their love and support.

Pisces Loves to Daydream

If you’ve ever noticed a Pisces staring off into space without any acknowledgment of the world around them, you’ve likely caught them daydreaming. They absolutely love escaping into the world of fantasy. While this can make this star sign at times avoidant of both conflict and harsh reality, it also helps them imagine a world in which people are kind and dreams come true.

Pisces don’t just love to daydream–they need it. They crave quiet times to unleash their dreams and examine their deepest desires. Pull them away from it at your own peril! Pisces is happiest when they have had adequate time to dwell on their loveliest imaginings. Let them daydream, and they’ll come back to Earth far happier and more at peace than nearly any other astrological sign.

Pisces Loves Passion

Pisces loves a great many things, and passion is just one of them. A secret pet peeve of this celestial sign might just be lukewarm attitudes about life, love, and everything in between. They love to surround themselves with passionate people who have strong opinions and feelings about their lives.

Pisces is happy to also launch into all the subjects that stir their passion, and they’ll grant you equal time to do the same. It doesn’t matter if they share your interests. If you want to expound on your latest Lego creation, Pisces is here for it! Do you want to wax eloquent about the latest recipe you made? Pisces will soak up your enthusiasm like sunshine. Do you want to gush about your latest crush? Pisces will make space to hear all about it. Whatever makes you glow, that’s what Pisces wants to talk about. They have no love for small talk or simple-minded, judgmental people. They want to know what makes you tick and share their own inner world if only you’ll let them.

Pisces Hate Stagnation

Many signs love routine and need a well-established order to their day in order to feel secure and productive. Routine is death to Pisces, who needs a life of constant variety and surprise in order to feel truly comfortable and happy. Variety isn’t just the spice of life for many Pisces, but the meat and potatoes too. Pisces have no interest in doing what other people have done before.

They can’t stand being bored. This astrological sign sees stagnation as the antithesis of growth. They have a deep desire to constantly grow and change. Don’t be surprised if they’re always finding new projects, redecorating their homes and offices, or constantly reinventing themselves. They won’t pair well with partners who aren’t adaptable to change because this star sign is ever-changing and won’t tolerate any other life for themselves.

Pisces Hate Asking for Help

Generous to a fault, the astrological Fish loves to help but hates asking for help. This celestial sign is often reputed to be lazy, but the truth is more complex. If a task seems far too arduous for them to do alone, they’ll likely avoid it or ignore it or stubbornly refuse to do it. They’re independent and capable, but Pisces can sometimes mistakenly believe that they need to do everything themselves.

If you want to endear yourself to this star sign, help them without making them ask for it. If you see their avoidant traits emerging, look at the task and see if there’s something they can’t do alone. Jump in and help them out, and they’ll love you forever. Just don’t expect them to ask for help. This sensitive star sign never quite learned how to do it.

Pisces Hate Rules

You may have noticed that a Sun sign Pisces has a mile-wide rebellious streak. They acknowledge that the world has rules, but they won’t accept that these rules apply to them. These rule-breakers can be change-makers. Pisces has a way of seeing the world and innovating ways to make it better.

Unfortunately, this astrological sign can struggle at times with authority. Pisces is so deeply intuitive that they see themselves as the highest authority on what they should and shouldn’t do. They certainly don’t understand how anyone else could know better. This could make for challenging working relationships. Even though they have plenty of compassion and are capable of reading the room, you can be sure that they’re also planning all the ways they can break the rules– and get away with it.

Pisces may be one of the most complicated of the 12 Zodiac signs. These moody Fish are generous, forgiving, and open-minded while defying arbitrary rules in order to play by their own. This star sign is a fierce friend, loving partner, and independent worker, but you may find yourself having to navigate the stormy seas of their moods from time to time. They are passionate about everything – including the things they love and hate. If you can ride the waves of their passions, you’ll likely earn their lifelong support.

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