3 Tips for Setting Realistic, Attainable Short-term Goals

Setting Goals
Setting Goals

What do you want to achieve today? The feeling of accomplishment is one of the most powerful of all satisfying emotions. While it’s wonderful to have goals in mind, taking on too much at once can be overwhelming and cause you unnecessary stress. So it might be time to come up with a plan. Where do you start trying to set realistic short-term goals?

Break Down Long-Term Goals

If you have a long-term goal, you can usually make it easier to attain by breaking it down into smaller short-term goals instead. By creating smaller objectives and taking little steps to knock one or two of them regularly can help you stay motivated and keep you feeling like you’re getting closer to your long-term goal.

Consider Your Dedication

Another important question to ask yourself when setting objectives is, “How committed am I to reaching this goal?” You’re more likely to follow through with a plan if you want it, or at least have the right amount of motivation. Actually caring about the objective can make going after it easier and possibly even more enjoyable.

Make a Schedule

Do your best to keep yourself organized with some sort of schedule. Writing down your plans doesn’t just help you keep track of your progress. It can also give you some extra motivation, since you already have a set date or time that you’ve committed to a certain task.

Knowing how to set realistic short-term goals can help you accomplish more during your week as well as avoid some of the stress that comes with taking on big projects. In the long-run, it can make mountains seem more like an easy slope. You can get there, step by step.