Does Your Sign Impact Your Health?

Does Your Sign Impact Your Health?
Does Your Sign Impact Your Health?

Many doctors used to take astrology very seriously. It has been long understood that the season of your birth can predict your risk for conditions such as allergies, sleep disorders, schizophrenia,and more. It can even have an affect on how long you live. In fact, 24 disorders have been tied to seasonality with no clear scientific explanation as to why those born in the winter are at a higher risk for schizophrenia, for example — until very recently.

The Inconstant Moon

While traditional astrology was wrong in that the moon “causes” insanity, they were picking up on something that science would only explain centuries later. Those born in the winter, when the moon spends longest in the skies, are at a higher risk mental disorders. While it is not directly the moon causing this correlation, astrologers of old had noticed something very interesting about how the time of our birth can affect us — and they were right.

Shedding A Little Light On The Situation

So, what causes this correlation if it isn’t the moon’s sign? It turns out that it may all come down to light. How we process light, and what it means for our natural rhythms, can affect us from birth to death. Winter contains the darkest months of the year and exposure to this darkness seems to have profound effects on how certain genes are expressed.

Past Meets Present

Ultimately, all systems of medicine, regardless of how mainstream or arcane, all share the same goal. This goal is to keep patients healthy, return them to health, or manage illness and pain as comfortably as possible. Understanding the science behind the importance of birth month and season can play a role in helping modern people live their best and healthiest lives.

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