10 Hidden Things About Cancers You Need To Know

3 Hidden Things About Cancers You Need To Know
3 Hidden Things About Cancers You Need To Know

Cancers are amongst the most sensitive astrological signs of the zodiac, but they definitely do not wear their hearts on their sleeves. Like the crab constellation they are named for, many have a bit of a hard outer shell. This can make it hard to get to know them. It could be easy to assume they are prickly, but the truth is that they are just reserved until they know they can trust you. If you earn your way beyond the shell, you’ll see that there’s so much more to the Crab than meets the eye. Here are 10 things Cancer signs often wish more people understood about them.

Cancers Are Intuitive

Cancers can read people in a snap. Their intuition is often dead-on, but despite this, they can sometimes lack the confidence to stick to their guns. This is why Cancers can sometimes find it difficult to leave relationships or jobs that have become toxic. They know at a gut level that something isn’t right, but their tender hearts may waver when it comes to following through and making a change. Although they are adaptable, they will only go with the flow when they cultivate trust in their intuitive powers.

If you have a Cancer in your life, trust in their intuition if they choose to share their insights with you. If you shut them down, it might be a long time before they open up to you in that way again, if ever. Cancers never forget and rarely forgive. Plus, they can be passive-aggressive, and it won’t be worth all the “I told you so’s” when they turn out to be right and you didn’t listen. Trust their insights. They know what they’re talking about and care enough to let you know if they see something you don’t.

Cancers Are Big Softies

Cancers are often mysterious and hard to read, but they are total suckers for kind attention and honest affection. The kicker is that attention and affection from anyone just won’t do. It has to come from the right person. If you are close to a Cancer, make sure they feel appreciated and don’t shy away from letting them know that you care. Even the littlest gesture from an important person can make a Cancer’s whole week.

These big softies love to cuddle and spend time with the ones they love. Setting aside time for them and making sure to connect will mean the world to Cancer. Even a simple night at home snuggled up streaming your favorite shows could let them know they are loved and appreciated.

Without regular cuddles, they may begin to feel disconnected. If they feel disconnected, you may begin to experience their displeasure, and their tendency to hold a grudge may kick in. If you partner a Cancer or want to, you’ll want to keep this in mind and make sure that they don’t ever feel neglected or taken for granted.

Cancers Have High Highs And Low Lows

Often, cancers experience intense mood swings. They are highly emotional and sensitive. Many have had bad past experiences with people who were not accepting of their nature, which has caused them to withdraw from people. If you are close with a Cancer, it is important to accept this aspect of them and be there to support them through all of their highs and lows. Buckle up, buttercup. I hope you like rollercoasters!

It’s a pretty safe bet you’ll never be bored with them around. Even though their tempers can be ferocious and their sadness can be a total buzzkill, the upside is that their high highs will remind you that they are a delight to have in your life. They have just as much enthusiasm for love and affection, and they are incredibly loyal and generous friends and lovers. If you can accept the roller coaster and even learn to love it, they’ll be sure to show enthusiastic appreciation.

Cancers Love Nurturing Others

Cancers thrive when they can take care of everyone in their lives. They’re going to be the first to volunteer to be the designated driver or to bring you soup when you’re sick. They’re constantly fussing over the people around them, and it may come across as smothering and controlling at times.

To be fair, sometimes it is a matter of control. They know what’s best for you, and they’re sure to pass that information along. It can be overbearing, but even that can stem from their deep need for everyone they love to be loved and protected. They don’t want you to have to learn the hard way – even if that’s what you need. If they nag – excuse me, gently remind – you to listen to their wisdom, it’s because they see danger in every scenario and want to make sure their bestie, boo, or other important person in their life is going to be okay.

You may have to remind them of personal space from time to time, but know that they are well-meaning even when they’re in your business. You may need a little patience to deal with their good intentions. They just want to take care of you, and if you know what’s good for you, every now and then, you’ll let them. The rest of the time you may have to do a little light boundary check so they know when they’re crossing a line.

Cancers Value Tradition

Cancers are crazy about tradition! They simply love it. They can be big into holidays, anniversaries, and passing on family rituals. They can even thrive in organized religions or with regular spiritual practice. They take comfort in routine and love to see it passed down to future generations.

Cancer could really get into traditional anniversary gifts, but they might also love it if you decide on new traditions to begin in your relationship. Deciding to throw an annual Friendsgiving or deciding on a regular game or movie night each month could give them that sense of security that they adore. Even asking them how they celebrate different holidays can give you insight into the kinds of traditions that are most meaningful to them.

This can sometimes come across as materialistic, but that’s not why birthdays, holidays, and other traditions are meaningful to them. It’s not about the money spent but the time together. Even having a regular sit-down dinner as a family could make a Cancer’s heart glow. Observing meaningful rituals really floats their boats.

Cancer Will Match Your Energy

Of the 12 Zodiac signs, Cancer is considered an expert at energy matching. If you come at them with low-vibing energy, you should be very, very afraid. They will reflect back whatever energy you bring to them. If you’re in a bad mood, they’ll quickly get in one, too. If you come at them with anger, Crab will snap and clap back. Think twice before taking out a bad day on Cancers.

The good news is that they can match good energy, too. If you’re excited about a new opportunity, they can be excited right along with you. If you are feeling nostalgic, they’ll be happy to jump in and reminisce. A good mood might even bring their own mood up as they mirror it back to you.

It can be challenging for Cancers to regulate their emotions and separate them from the noise in the world around them. This is one reason why they’re so self-protective. They easily pick up on other moods, so they might avoid you on your bad days if they’re in a good mood and want to keep it that way. For Cancers to become more emotionally balanced, they may have to work on stronger boundaries and avoid energy vampires at all costs.

Cancers Try to Avoid Drama

Is it any wonder that sensitive, energy-matching Cancers want to avoid drama? They are the no-drama-llamas of the star signs. They have no desire to be a part of dramatic relationships, and they’ll likely retreat and avoid you if they think you’re going to bring that energy their way.

Don’t be surprised if the clever Crab’s intuition picks up on some drama starting and scuttles back into their shell. Their avoidance can be epic, but they know that things will only escalate if they get involved. Plus, they love peace and don’t understand why we can’t all just get along. This skill for avoiding drama can be a plus when Cancer snips off relationships the second they sense toxic energy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Cancers don’t sometimes start drama. They can be passive-aggressive at times, which can really stir the pot. If you notice them doing this, try to communicate directly with them and provide a safe space where they can communicate directly with you. They aren’t unreasonable. They just like to avoid conflict and would rather come at it indirectly than go straight to your face and tell you they’ve got a problem. Instead of constantly calling out these passive-aggressive tendencies, learn to see the need they’re trying to get met rather than the ineffective way they’re trying to meet it. This could encourage better communication.

Cancers Aren’t Casual

If you’ve ever dated a Cancer, you might notice that they aren’t the least bit casual. They can try to have casual relationships, and they might even be able to do it for a short period of time. Long-term … well, they want something long-term. If they invest their energy in you, they want it to go somewhere.

This doesn’t mean that all tradition-loving Crabs want a monogamous relationship that ends in marriage–but don’t be surprised if they do either. It’s best to clear up exactly what they want in advance to make sure you’re on the same page. Cancers love with everything they’ve got, so if they choose you, they might want to keep you. Considering how loving and loyal they are, count yourself lucky if they select you to be the person they partner.

Cancers Love to Daydream

If Cancer isn’t paying attention to you, it’s a pretty safe bet they’re lost in a daydream. It happens. Cancers are generous with their time and attention, but they also like to take the time to dream about what they want. This is one of their most endearing qualities so long as you can gently steer them back on track when necessary.

Cancers might be building sandcastles in the sky, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be present in the here and now. Cancers are independent and will be most comfortable in relationships that give them a little space to think deep thoughts and daydream. When they have plenty of time for their dreams, they’ll happily tune back into their relationships and give you their full, undivided attention.

Cancers Need to Create

It’s unsurprising that many Cancers are craftspeople and creators. They have a powerful need to express themselves through art. They can be writers, content creators, artists, chefs, or anything that requires innovation.

Cancers might want to tackle regular DIY projects, or they could really enjoy cultivating new interests. They’ll likely gravitate toward creative work, but if they don’t have a creative job, they’ll be sure to flex these talents outside their jobs. Don’t be surprised if you see them taking up a new hobby or even spending time with an adult coloring book. They just want to express themselves–letting some of their secrets out in art form.

Cancers’ sensitivity is their superpower. They may hide it beneath that hard outer shell, but these softies just want to love and be loved and make the world a better place. They’ll flow with life’s changes, and their moods will change more quickly than the tides. Still, like every other celestial sign, they don’t want to be misunderstood or written off as a stereotype. They have depths you can’t see if you only venture into the shallow end. Go deeper. They’ve got secrets, and if you take the time to get to know them, they’ll be sure to share them.

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