3 Hidden Things About Cancers You Need To Know

3 Hidden Things About Cancers You Need To Know
3 Hidden Things About Cancers You Need To Know

Cancers are amongst the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, but they definitely do not wear their hearts on their sleeves. Like the crab constellation they are named for, many have a bit of hard shell. This can make it hard to get to know them. Here are three things Cancer signs often wish more people understood about them.

Cancers Are Intuitive

Cancers can read people in a snap. Their intuition is often dead on, but despite this they can sometimes lack the confidence to stick to their guns. If you have a Cancer in your life, trust in their intuition if they choose to share their insights with you. If you shut them down, it might be a long time before they open up to you in that way again, if ever. Cancer’s never forget and rarely forgive.

Cancers Are Big Softies

Cancers are often mysterious and hard to read, but are suckers for kind attention and honest affection. The kicker is that attention and affection from anyone just won’t do. It has to come from the right person. If you are close to a Cancer, make sure they feel appreciated and don’t shy away from letting them know that you care. Even the littlest gesture from an important person can make a Cancer’s whole week.

Cancers Have High Highs And Low Lows

Often cancers experience intense mood swings, and are highly emotional and sensitive. Many have had bad past experiences with people who were not accepting of their nature, which has caused them to withdraw from people. If you are close with a cancer, it is important to accept this aspect of them and be there to support them through all of their highs and lows.

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