3 Things Aries Secretly Wish You Knew About Them

3 Things Aries Secretly Wish You Knew About Them
3 Things Aries Secretly Wish You Knew About Them

Aries are the famous infants of the zodiac: impulsive, fiery, and fun. However, there’s a lot going on beneath all that bluster. There is much more to your typical aries than most other signs give them credit for. If you are looking to get to know a new aries friend or lover, these three things may just be hiding in their secret side.

Aries wants your approval

Aries are known as the confident go-getters, that can even seem egotistical at times. Many people think that aries are wholly free spirits who won’t let what anyone thinks stop them. While this is largely true, it’s a whole different story once an aries loves and respects someone. Aries are excited about what they’re doing, and it means the world to them when those they love are too.

Aries hates boredom

While many signs are creatures of habit that love to live on a schedule, for an aries, an overly scheduled life isn’t life at all. They need movement and a sense of freedom more than anything else, and cannot be happy without them. Aries do not do well feeling trapped, and need their individuality to be respected.

Aries falls in love fast

Aries are passionate folk that go wherever the winds takes them and feel however they feel to the fullest. They trust their hearts and if they love you they let you know. Aries often can move too fast for other signs, who think that the affections of the impatient Aries are not genuine. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Aries love passionately and fully, and simply do not see why they should have to wait to express themselves. Aries may be impulsive and put their foot in their mouths from time to time, but they are very honest.

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