10 Things Aries Secretly Wish You Knew About Them

3 Things Aries Secretly Wish You Knew About Them
3 Things Aries Secretly Wish You Knew About Them

Aries are the famous infants of the 12 Zodiac signs: impulsive, fiery, and fun. They’re not known for having a lot of maturity, but they’re certainly known for quick tempers and sometimes outrageous behavior! However, there’s a lot going on beneath all that bluster.

There is much more to your typical Aries than most other signs realize. In fact, many of the qualities Aries are most known for are little more than stereotypes. There’s so much more to them than that. The truth is that they don’t show that side to just anyone. If you are looking to get to know a new Aries friend or lover, these 10 things may just be hiding on their secret side.

Aries Wants Your Approval

Aries is synonymous with assertive. Aries are often known as confident go-getters. They can even seem egotistical at times. Many people think that Aries are wholly free spirits who won’t let what anyone thinks stop them from doing exactly what they want when they want to do it. While that is largely true, it’s a whole different story once Aries loves and respects someone.

The thing about Aries is that they are passionate. They get excited by what they are doing, and it means the world to them when the people they love are excited about it, too. They want to share that enthusiasm and for the people around them to get it. Really, they just want to be understood — and often feel misunderstood instead.

They certainly don’t seem like they would seek approval. If they want that approval from you, it only means that you’re one of the special people in their life. Your opinion matters to them. Don’t worry: you don’t have to take up every hobby or interest Aries does, but even showing support will make Aries feel loved. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is meaningful for an Aries to see that you approve of who they are and how they live. A small pat on the back might feel like a humongous bear hug to Zodiac’s Ram.

Aries Hates Boredom

While many signs are creatures of habit that love to live on a schedule, for an Aries, an overly scheduled life isn’t life at all. They need movement and a sense of freedom more than anything else, and the truth is that they cannot be happy without them. Aries hate to feel trapped. They have a strong desire for their individuality to be respected.

All of this means that Aries gets bored easily. If you give them a repetitive task, don’t expect them to stay engaged or truly pay attention to detail. They’ll likely wander off mid-task or not give it their best efforts simply because they hate the monotony of it. They thrive when they can use their creativity and think as far outside the box as they can. If you need to give Aries a task, at work or at home, consider something that involves an element of change. They really crave challenge, and without it, they’re just going to phone it in until you wish you’d never given it to them in the first place. Hey, there’s a reason they’re the infants of the Zodiac! Toddlers might be more accurate.

This can also mean that Aries can get bored in relationships just as easily. If you’re partnering an Aries, remember that they find routine to be exceedingly dull and awful. Just shake things up a bit. Surprise them with a “thinking of you” gift or take them out for some wild and crazy adventure on date night. Even a game night could be welcome for competitive Aries. Don’t let them win either. They love a challenge! A little bit of effort could pay off a lot when Aries stays challenged and interested in the relationship.

Aries Falls In Love Fast

Aries are passionate folk that go wherever the winds takes them and feel however they feel to the fullest. They trust their hearts, and if they love you, they let you know. They’re not subtle at all. In fact, their assertiveness and impulsivity could have them diving headlong into a relationship.

Aries often can move too fast for other signs. Many people think that impatient Aries doesn’t have genuine feelings because they fall so hard and so quickly. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Aries love passionately and fully, and simply do not see why they should have to wait to express themselves. Aries may be impulsive and put their foot in their mouths from time to time, but they are very honest with themselves and with other people in their lives.

Aries sign compatibility could come into play here. They could pair well with someone whose love language involves words of affirmation. They’re happy to let you know how they feel. They don’t like to keep you guessing. While they’re a big fan of competition, they’re simply too blunt to play games when it comes to love.

Aries Can Be Unpredictable

Because Aries hates boredom and can be impulsive, you may notice that an aspect of your Aries friend or lover is often unpredictability. They feel things in a big way. They have a short fuse, and you may never know when it’s going to get set off. At the same time, it can take Aries a long time to cool back down. They just might switch back and forth between emotions because they are deeply sensitive, which can be a tricky combination for this impulsive Zodiac sign. Their unpredictable nature isn’t all bad. Actually, it’s one of the reasons they’re such a fun friend to have around!

The Aries in your life will never be boring, that’s for sure! They’re going to keep growing and trying new things because they have far too much initiative to sit around and wait for life to happen to them. Instead, they’re out making things happen. They may be unpredictable, but that’ll be just one of the many things you’ll love about them.

Aries Is Both Boss and Rebel

“You’re not the boss of me” might have been first coined by an Aries. It wouldn’t be surprising. This sign hates having to follow someone else’s lead. They don’t appreciate rules and structure. If you give them an order, they’re probably going to pause only long enough to figure out how to defy it or how to do it the way they wanted in the first place (or not do it at all). They have an inner rebel that wants to go their own way… and keep going.

Yet, Aries actually thrives when they get to be the boss. For someone who eschews authority, this might be surprising. Their natural leadership ability and assertiveness can help them thrive when they run the show. They don’t want you to be the boss of them, but they really love being the boss of YOU. They could thrive as a CEO of a big company or even as an entrepreneur running their own business. As long as they’re in charge, they’re positively thrilled to be the boss of themselves and the boss of you.

Just remember this: Try to boss them, and you just might see a flash of their inner rebel come out! Zero stars. Do NOT recommend!

Aries Is Unfailingly Loyal

Aries has a few faults — who doesn’t? — but they are unfailingly loyal to the very end. Their loyalty is one of their many strengths. Some might think they’re immature and even a little gullible at times, but part of seeing the best in everything and everyone else means they’ll see the best in you, too.

If Aries loves or befriends you, they’re making a lifetime commitment to support you. This is why it can take Aries a long time to move on when a relationship falls apart. It’s doubly hard when they are betrayed. If they give you their loyalty, they expect the same treatment in return. While it may seem gullible from the outside looking in, Aries would certainly rather have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Their loyalty comes with that love as a package deal, but the price of loving so hard often means Aries will heal slowly when relationships come to an end.

If you’ve got an Aries in your corner, count yourself blessed. You’ve got them for life. If you cross them… may the odds ever be in your favor!

Aries Loves Danger

This sign is known for its bravery. It’s not just courage in play though. At times, Aries can be downright reckless. Heaven help the parent or partner of an Aries! It can certainly be nerve-wracking from time to time.

Don’t be surprised if the Aries in your life thrives on danger. Whether that’s high speeds, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, swimming with sharks, throwing axes, riding the craziest roller coasters, or just taking a lot of unnecessary and possibly downright foolish risks, they’re sure to keep YOUR heart rate up with their love of thrills. At least they’re keeping your heart healthy, right?

Aries Sees the Glass Half Full to Overflowing

Aries really can’t stand people who are always negative because they see the bright side of life. It’s not just silver linings they see either. They’re always likely to see the good in both people and events. Their glass isn’t just half-full. It’s overflowing. If you find yourself doing more than your fair share of complaining, don’t be surprised if Aries walks out mid-gripe to find a more positive person to hang with.

This doesn’t mean that they’re in denial about the tough parts of life. They have a dark side of their own and getting on the wrong side of their temper could quickly remind you of this. It’s just that they still believe in the good in people and in the world around them no matter how bad things get. They’re a source of inspiration to anyone who knows them because they don’t really lose hope. They might even help you stay more hopeful, too.

Aries Lacks a Filter

It might not have escaped your notice that Aries was born without a filter. Whatever they think is likely to come flying out of their mouth at any time. It can hurt feelings, but Aries isn’t trying to be mean. They’re honest to a fault and may sometimes seem like a bully as a result. To be fair, a low vibing Aries might end up being a bully, but take care that you don’t mistake the plain-speaking of a healthy Aries with cruel intentions.

Sure, you might want to duct tape their mouths a time or two (or ten!), but they usually mean well. Hey, if you want a person in your life who will tell you the truth no matter what, Aries is that person. You might not like it, but at least you know they’ll give it to you straight (with no sugar added).

Aries Has No Chill — But A Lot of Heart

Aries has no chill. They’ve never had any chill. They’re all fire. Combine that with lacking a filter, loving danger, and being impulsive, and it’s easy to see how Aries can occasionally get a bad reputation. That’s just because some people don’t know the truth.

Shh… it’s a secret, but Aries has a ton of heart. They have no chill because they have lots of feelings. They swear because they care — or something like that anyway. That might be of short temper, but they can be some of the best people to have around you. If you’re a loyal friend or partner, you can relax knowing Aries is in your corner — as quick to defend you as anything else. Actually, it’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

If there’s an Aries in your life, you might be feeling pretty lucky (as you well should). If you’re the Aries, keep being yourself. You know, amazing!

Remember, these are just some Sun Sign details for Aries, but we all have Aries somewhere in our natal chart. The purpose of astrology is to not only understand the people in our lives, but ourselves, too! Diving more deeply into the astrological signs is a wonderful place to begin.

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