What Will The Big August Eclipse Mean For You?

What Will The Big August Eclipse Mean For You?
What Will The Big August Eclipse Mean For You?

This August is chock full of eclipses, which means high a energy vibe. On August 7th there was a full moon eclipse in Leo and Aquarius. On August 21st, a major heavenly event is happening. This will be a New Moon eclipse in Leo visible throughout the US. With all of this energy on high, things will definitely be shaken up. Here’s how you can joyfully experience that shift and embrace cosmic change for the better.

August Is A Turning Point

2017 has been hard on many of us, and if you are looking to raise your vibe and turn things around, August will be kind to you. If you’ve been feeling stuck, these Leo eclipses will fill you with all the power of the king of the jungle and help you cut through negativity.

Enjoy Human Energy

This eclipse will be filled with warm human energy and provide a burst of inspiration. Determination will be at an all time high. The air is full of possibilities for both creativity and growth. You may feel yourself become unstuck in the face of new opportunities. If you feel excited or inspired, embrace it for all its worth. Appreciate the people around you as this major event guides us all toward a warm human energy and more positive experiences.

Shift Your Reality

The cosmos is shifting into a favorable place of empathy, understanding, renewal, and inspiration. Don’t be afraid to feel it to the fullest and let the energy flow through you. See where this shift guides you. This will be a time where openness to positivity and a willingness to learn and take in new experiences will be highly beneficial for the spirit within.