3 Ways Neptune Retrograde Rocks Your World

3 Ways Neptune Retrograde Rocks Your World
3 Ways Neptune Retrograde Rocks Your World

A lot of people who follow astrology get queasy at the idea of Mercury Retrograde, but did you know that right now we are smack in the middle of a far kinder planetary event? Neptune Retrograde started on June 16th and will last until November 22nd of 2017, and that means that things are about to get real. A retrograde period happens when from the Earth, it looks as if a planet is traveling backwards through the signs. When it happens with Neptune every year for a few months, life can get pretty interesting.

Neptune Helps You Get Real With Yourself

From time to time we all sweep things under the rug. Maybe we aren’t ready to deal with them, or don’t have the time. Over time, all of that stuff you’ve put on the back burner can blow up, leading to nasty surprises. Neptune Retrograde presents you with the opportunity to sweep out everything that’s under the rug and deal with what you’ve been putting off on your own terms — minus most of the major drama. While this can be scary, it’s important for emotional and spiritual growth.

Make Your Dreams Reality

If you’re a daydreamer that often gets stuck in the planning phase, Neptune’s energy can do wonders to help you get on the right track. If you often find yourself lost trying to choose between countless options, or with lofty goals that seem to be missing a few steps in the middle, the planets are finally on your side. Neptune Retrograde coincides with planning and clear thinking, meaning that you might just find that burst of real-world inspiration you need to reach your intentions.

Get Ready To Re-Evaluate

It’s important to take time to take stock of your life. What are you doing? How do you feel? Are you happy? Are you getting the things you need and want? While it can be hard to take the time out to do this in the hustle and bustle of the day to day, Neptune Retrograde rips you out of the mundane and puts your soul front and center. While this can be a bumpy road, it is ultimately a journey worth taking that can result in good vibes and crystal clear understanding.