How often do you feel like you know where you're going, why you're here and what you're supposed to do in this life?

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How often are your spirits high - feeling drawn to the future with a sense of happiness, purpose & joy?

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How often do you feel you are "lucky" and have things work out in a positive way compared to others who you know?

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How often is your view on things positive, where you're looking for what's right, not what's wrong?

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How much do you feel you deserve happiness, love, joy and abundance compared to others?

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Would you say you are able to completely accept, love and forgive yourself for past mistakes?

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Are you able to let go of any anger, blame or resentment rather than holding on to it?

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How often do you think mostly patterns of good thoughts vs. patterns of bad thoughts?

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Do you take quiet time for yourself each day to do things that restore your soul?

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Would you say you easily accept and surrender to circumstances which you can't change?

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Do you understand the law of attraction and feel that it actually works for you in real life?

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