You Can Heal Your Heart

You can heal your heart

You Can Heal Your Heart

  • You’ll learn how to allow old wounds to come up, and release negative feelings and bottled-up emotions, to start healing AND how to change distorted thinking about relationships, love and life.

  • You’ll discover the way out of the pain is going through the pain, allowing yourself to feel all the emotions without getting stuck in them.

  • For every type of loss and challenge, you’ll go through series of affirmations and new thought patterns, so that you can not only heal the fresh and old wounds, but also grow stronger and wiser.

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About This Course:

An absolute breath of fresh air! Louise has given me a great deal of positive energy and wonderful food for thought. My sincerest thanks to Louise Hay.

Clive Shepherd, As seen on Amazon.com

I recently lost my dog, Little Dude, in a hit-and-run accident. He died in front of the animal hospital. We were too late. We were walkers and for three weeks I couldn’t go near the park or where he was killed. My therapist recommended this book which covers all types of grieving. For me, the chapter on loss of a pet, got me through some really sad times.

Carmen Zambrano, As seen on Amazon.com

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