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Astrological Insights

All things emanate a frequency. Planets, stars, people, animals and inanimate objects. This isn’t weird science, these are proven facts that science is only now starting to beginning to understand. Astrology isn’t about planets interfering with free will or having power over us. It is in fact, a widely accepted ancient language that reveals and explains how our birth signs and planets react to changes much in the way trees change with seasons.

What is Astrology?

An astrologer is able to associate your birth sign with lunar tendencies and provide insights into the human experience. Just like a weatherman might suggest you bring a jacket today as there is an increased chance of rain. You don’t have to leave your common sense at the door when considering astrological predictions.They are by no means absolutes, but they tend to be better than a coin flip and far more interesting.

How can astrology be used to predict something going on in your life? Through horoscope research and writing, an astrologer is able to make a prediction (like a good guess) and also adds useful insights and wisdom to go with it. Since we humans all suffer from the many of the same issues—the predictions can be made with an uncanny accuracy.

You may or may not get a life changing idea through reading your horoscope, but you will get additional useful perspectives on a variety of life situations. It can be very helpful to know why you might be feeling a certain way during different seasons of your life.

Over the last 20 years, the best and the brightest analysts and researchers have made amazing breakthroughs in understanding subatomic particle physics. Things that were previously dismissed as fantasy – such as certain subatomic particles only existing when they are being observed – have become proven fact. Science has also proven that particles are able to communicate or react to one another instantly, even across the globe – possibly even the universe.

Could researchers – through these discoveries – have given us a clue as to how the building blocks of our bodies and minds coincide with the movements celestial bodies? Or is this recent progress in understanding the tiniest parts of our universe just the beginning of wider, even more incredible developments to come? We think this is all part of the Shift and will continue as we all evolve into something greater.

Daily Horoscopes App

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