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The free Daily Horoscope App by Soulvibe was created thanks to overwhelming popular demand. With millions of horoscopes read every month, our mobile members wanted more! Now, Soulvibe horoscopes can be easily accessed from your phone anytime you need to boost your vibe, and you can get a notification alert when tomorrow’s inspiration for your Sun Sign is ready.


Why Should I Read My Soulvibe Horoscope?

Science has shown through studies of positive psychology that even a few seconds of exposure to inspiration or love each day can change your mood, and over time, your whole life. So, we use free daily horoscopes as an amazing tool to deliver that to people just like you.

We know that life is hard; it has real and very tangible challenges — and so we use some common sense and wisdom mixed with spirituality to help people get on the right path by changing the way they view the world and life in general. Much of our experience in this life happens based on how we view the events and the vibe we put out into the world.

Many people who try to use manifestation, the Law of Attraction or positive psychology to live a better life sometimes get discouraged or even feel guilty because they can’t manage to feel good every day. We realize that kind of strict interpretation of these principals actually hurts people rather than helps them. Living a positive life with joy does draw more joy to you. Getting mired too often in negative emotions does indeed draw more negative experiences into your life. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore your sadness or grief. All of your emotions have value, purpose, and promote growth and health! But nourishing your happiness every day helps you to not remain in darkness if it arrives for a visit. You deserve a happier, healthier life that positive reinforcement can provide — and all the things that higher vibe helps draw into your life.

Free Horoscopes to Raise Your Vibe

Subatomic particles make up everything in the physical, measurable universe. The most respected theories show that these particles exist as vibrating strings. They exist within everything from the carbon atoms in your body to the neurons in your brain.

Our souls are based in quantum mechanics, too. Your soul is energy that is stored in your body (maybe in microtubules in the neurons in your brain), and it also is made of tiny particles of energy. Your soul and your consciousness vibrates — simplified:

You have a vibe.

A study on people exposed to breathing in molecular ions (atoms that have gained an electron and negative charge through natural causes — like being at a beach with crashing surf), for example, have shown that it can lift mood and positively impact depression. A simple change to the energy around you can impact your thoughts and emotions.

Emotions have their own vibe, too. When you put these vibes out, you don’t even have to be conscious of your mood for someone who is in tune with you to be able to pick up on it. Often, this can even draw experiences into your personal orbit and you might not even be aware what you are drawing to you. This can be turned around into creating conscious intentions by being mindful. Studies done on mindfulness have shown that those who take care to consciously create and maintain their vibe are happier and more positive about their lives. This isn’t new, nor is it magic.

Sun Sign Horoscopes Re-imagined

Your Daily Horoscope from Soulvibe is a tool that can help you be more mindful. It can help you know yourself better, understand your soul’s path, and live your best life. Soulvibe will also show you how to use astrology as a powerful and personal tool for positive living and growth and how to recognize hard lessons for what they are — while still choosing to keep your personal vibration high.

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