Scorpio Horoscope: Jan 16

You could find yourself putting your foot in your mouth today. Scorpios can have an offbeat sense of humor that could border on inappropriate and it occasionally bubbles to the surface. That could be way too easy with this energy. Be aware of this side of you today so that you can avoid any miscommunication. If you get chatty, don’t go overboard beyond the point of no return!

Today's Soul Advice: You will encounter some roadblocks or bumps along your journey, and you may have no choice but to take a detour every once in a while. When the detour takes you into unknown territory, you can choose to enter with reluctance and fear, or you can boldly seek out the new adventures that await you. When you choose to take on new things like a knight begins a quest, you can be excited about your life and be more likely to succeed and find the turn that will take you onto your one true soul path.

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