Libra Horoscope: Jan 16

Conflicts could have a tendency to arise at work or home today. Not to worry, though. Libra’s vibe will be radiating with good energy and you can more than handle it. Your natural charm and peacemaking skills can help turn it all back to harmony again or at least get you through with your good attitude intact. Even through challenging circumstances, you can choose to simply glow with love and affection. Today will likely be one of those especially magical days for you dear Libra, so meet this energy with confidence and joy in your heart.

Today's Soul Advice: You will encounter some roadblocks or bumps along your journey, and you may have no choice but to take a detour every once in a while. When the detour takes you into unknown territory, you can choose to enter with reluctance and fear, or you can boldly seek out the new adventures that await you. When you choose to take on new things like a knight begins a quest, you can be excited about your life and be more likely to succeed and find the turn that will take you onto your one true soul path.

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